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IT/Infrastructure Editor's Note

  • Ubiquitous RFID and Privacy

    As radio frequency identification proliferates, the potential for abusing the technology will rise—but democratic capitalist societies have mechanisms to respond to and limit abuses.

  • What Comes After RFID?

    True business intelligence is going to be what defines successful IT systems after companies have deployed RFID and other automatic data-capture technologies.

  • Why RFID—and Why Now?

    Radio frequency identification is gaining traction, because business needs drive the evolution of information technology systems.

  • Can RFID Deliver a Competitive Advantage?

    Maybe it can—but what's more important is that the technology can be used to reinforce an existing competitive advantage.

  • Don't Make the Same Mistakes Twice

    Companies could avoid past technology infrastructure blunders that cost them millions of dollars, if they would just take a holistic approach to RFID adoption.

  • Software Will Drive Adoptions—and Investment Returns

    With RFID hardware reaching an adequate level of maturity, software represents a huge opportunity for investors, and without new investment, the technology will be slow to take off.

  • The Age of RFID Pilots Is Over—Deployments Crank Up

    Major companies are adopting radio frequency identification companywide, and are making the technology part of the way they do business.

  • Understanding RFID Adoption Trends

    In a free webinar hosted by RFID Journal, Geoffrey Moore, the bestselling author of Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado, will discuss the technology adoption life cycle for radio frequency identification, and answer questions from vendors.

  • RFID Journal LIVE! Delivers Value, Guaranteed

    I am so sure end users will benefit from attending LIVE! 2010, our eighth annual conference and exhibition, that I'm willing to guarantee it.

  • Why RFID Vendors and Users Speak Different Languages

    Vendors look at RFID from an engineering perspective, which often confuses end users who are trying to figure out what RFID does and how it can be used to improve the way they do business.

  • Battling the Status Quo

    The biggest obstacle end users face when confronted with an opportunity to use RFID to improve the way they do business is resistance to change within their own organizations.

  • Managing Everything That Moves

    Companies should build an RFID infrastructure enabling them to manage everything that is mobile and not connected to the Internet, as well as all that is fixed and connected online.

  • What End Users Want From RFID Vendors

    A seminar at RFID Journal LIVE! will help technology companies do a better job of communicating their value proposition to those who could benefit from their solutions.

  • Five Reasons for Optimism

    2009 might have been the worst year ever for many companies, but there are reasons to believe next year will be better.

  • Helping RFID Vendors Connect With RFID Buyers

    RFID Journal's goal is to do even more to help vendors engage companies interested in deploying RFID solutions.

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