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  • IoT Delivers Safety, Compliance for Bronx Renovation Project

    By Claire Swedberg

    Apex Building Group is using an Internet of Things solution from Triax Technologies to view the real-time location of each of its workers for safety purposes, as well as for state regulation compliance, as they renovate 15 occupied apartment buildings.

  • RFID and Blockchain Bring Shared Visibility to Supply Chain

    By Claire Swedberg

    A year-long proof-of-concept, held by Auburn University's RFID Lab with global brands and retailers, finds that data can be shared on an immutable ledger, enabling the deployment of supply chain tracking with EPC UHF RFID.

  • Student Targets School Safety With RFID Innovation

    By Claire Swedberg

    A Walled Lake Western High School student earned a hackathon award for his RFID-based solution that locates ID badges in order to identify where students are in the event of an emergency.

  • Carnival 4.0 Enters the Sambadrome

    By Edson Perin

    Expanding the experience of connected revelers is among the goals of the Rosas de Ouro samba school and GS1 Brasil, which have partnered for an unprecedented high-tech project.

  • RFID Tracks Jewelry Inventory, Shopping With Smart Tray

    By Claire Swedberg

    Hong Kong jewelry brand Chow Tai Fook is employing an RFID-enabled tray from Converge Retail as part of a holistic solution to bring visibility and automation to the manufacture, supply chain and inventory management of its products.

  • U.S. States Further Livestock RFID Use Despite USDA Pause

    By Claire Swedberg

    Although the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service hit the brakes on RFID cattle-tagging requirements, some states have continued to promote and support the use of LF RFID tags to bring traceability to beef and dairy animals.

  • RFID Industry Predicts Growth, Diversification

    By Claire Swedberg

    Technology companies have spent the past year expanding RFID use in apparel and other retail deployments, while health care, manufacturing, aviation and other sectors are expected to follow that trend.

  • Intelligent Packaging: On the Rise at Large Companies

    By Edson Perin

    Abbott, Carrefour, Coca-Cola, Nestlé and other firms sought recycling, authenticity and customer-experience solutions at AIPIA World Congress 2019.

  • RFID Journal LIVE! Europe 2019 Report

    By Rich Handley

    Last month, RFID Journal held its annual conference and exhibition for the European RFID industry. View the presentations from the conference.

  • Roaming Agreement Brings Global NB-IoT Functionality to Tags and Sensors

    By Claire Swedberg

    AT&T and Vodafone have entered into an arrangement by which a SIM card used with a consumer product, meter or label could be used to transmit data via low-power wide-area networks, whether in the United States or in parts of Europe.

  • U.K. Rolls Out RFID for Used Tire-Management Pilot

    By Claire Swedberg

    Waste-management software from Topolytics will capture data regarding each tire collected for recycling or reuse with PragmatIC's new ConnectIC HF RFID chip and its handheld readers, to enable real-time management of the waste supply chain for tires.

  • Chicken Company Hatches RFID-based Track-and-Trace Solution

    By Claire Swedberg

    Senecal has been tracking each batch of chickens processed at its Normandy facility, linking RFID data to 2D barcodes on meat packaging so stores and consumers can view data regarding each product and its origins; eventually, the chickens' lives will be monitored via barcodes.

  • Virtual Event: RFID in Harsh Environments

    By RFID Journal

    View the PDFs and recordings from RFID Journal's recent online event.

  • Mine Solution Tracks Worker Safety, Operations via Tags, Droids and Robots

    By Claire Swedberg

    Australian technology companies Rajant, Extronics, Poynting Antennas and Australian Droid + Robot have teamed up to offer an active RFID and mesh-network solution that enables real-time tracking of individuals, equipment and vehicles with a limited fixed infrastructure.

  • RFID to Cut Food Waste in the Supply Chain

    By Claire Swedberg

    Ocean Mist and Costco are among the companies using a battery-assisted passive RFID-based Internet of Things solution from Zest Labs to automatically collect the time and location of goods.

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