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Editor's Note

  • Roll Up Your Sleeves

    By Mark Roberti

    Before you deploy a state-of-the-art RFID system, you have to prepare your master file to make sure you have accurate information to associate with a tag's serial number.

  • The RFID "Revolution"

    By Mark Roberti

    RFID will bring dramatic change and perhaps some upheaval, but talk of revolution is overblown and dangerous.

  • Mastering the Tool

    By Mark Roberti

    As you read wildly optimistic and scarily pessimistic reports about RFID in 2004, it might help to keep in mind that RFID is simply a tool.

  • Angst and Opportunity

    By Bob Violino

  • A Year of Great Progress

    By Mark Roberti

    This year, RFID has made major strides towards becoming a technology that can be used in open supply chains. But there is still important work to be done.

  • The Value of Good Information

    By Mark Roberti

    There's a lot of confusing information about RFID being published, and that's making it harder for senior executives to make smart decisions.

  • Trend Lines, Part II

    By Mark Roberti

    Achieving a global standard for RFID will take time, and there will be bumps in the road, but it will happen.

  • Trend Lines, Part I

    By Mark Roberti

    CEOs concerned about the high-cost of deploying RFID technology need to keep an eye on the bottom line, but they also need to prepare their companies for the future.

  • The Real Scandal

    By Mark Roberti

    The Chicago Sun Times has uncovered a “secret” smart-shelf test run by Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble. One privacy group calls it a scandal. The real scandal is the way the public is being misled about RFID by journalists more interested in a sexy story than the facts.

  • A Little More Clarity

    By Mark Roberti

    The information Wal-Mart has provided about its RFID requirements will help suppliers figure out how to move forward with their own deployments. It also sheds new light on the future of EPC technology.

  • The End of the Beginning

    By Mark Roberti

    After four years of R&D, the Auto-ID Center closed its doors last week. Despite the controversy that has surrounded the center, it has been enormously successful.

  • A Bridge Between ISO and EPC

    By Richard Rees

    The only realistic way to deploy a UHF RFID system in an open supply chain today is to implement ISO 18000-6 and make next-generation EPC technology backwards compatible with it.

  • Precedents Set

    By Bob Violino

    Marks & Spencer has taken privacy concerns seriously in setting up an RFID trial. Other retailers would be smart to learn from its example.

  • Identity Crisis

    By Bob Violino

    Companies are going to have to get their arms around identity management before they can realize all the benefits RFID offers.

  • Education Is Key

    By Bob Violino

    There's a dangerous knowledge gap between early adopters, such as Wal-Mart and the U.S. Department of Defense, and just about everyone else.

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