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  • That 'Internet of Things' Thing

    By Kevin Ashton

    In the real world, things matter more than ideas.

  • A Broader Definition of RFID

    By Jonathan Collins

    BLE promises to blur the line between Bluetooth and radio frequency identification.

  • Lessons From Air Safety

    By Kevin Ashton

    RFID could be the food supply chain's equivalent of the flight data recorder.

  • Beyond the Basics

    By Tatsuya Inaba

    Innovative RFID applications can deliver more benefits and a faster ROI.

  • Brother, Can You Spare a Tag?

    By Kevin Ashton

    A recession is the right time for RFID innovation.

  • Managed RFID Services

    By Jonathan Collins

    A promising new business model for supply-chain deployments is emerging in Europe.

  • Solving the Water and Metal Problem

    By Peter Cole and Zhonghao Hu

    Physics can be used to improve RFID performance on hard-to-tag products.

  • Inference ID

    By Kevin Ashton

    When it comes to supply-chain visibility, a little RFID can go a long way.

  • Don't Shoot the Messenger

    By Jonathan Collins

    In electronic identity cards and passports, contactless RFID technology enables the biometric—or personal—data to be checked quickly.

  • An Internet of Senses

    By Daeyoung Kim and Jongwoo Sung

    We need to build an integrated architecture that would enable organizations to share physical data collected by wireless sensor networks.

  • RFID Power to the People

    By Kevin Ashton

    Want consumers to accept the technology? Give them applications that make their lives easier.

  • Behind the Headlines

    By Jonathan Collins

    Mifare hacking will not halt contactess ticketing for transportation systems.

  • Increasing Read Ranges

    By Hao Min

    An EPC-compliant Gen 2 active tag is on the horizon.

  • Self-Service Border Control

    By Jonathan Collins

    Portugal is taking advantage of a global RFID standard to bring benefits to its government and travelers entering the country.

  • Protecting EPC Tags

    By Florian Michahelles and Mikko Lehtonen

    In the short term, companies could use a transponder ID written to every microchip to ensure the authenticity of an EPC tag.

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