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RFID Channel Editor's Note

  • The Next Challenge for the RFID Industry: Rapid Growth

    The technology adoption life cycle isn't a smooth upward curve, and that will present problems for users and providers of RFID technologies.

  • Internet of Things: Promise and Peril for the RFID Industry

    Interest in IoT technologies could bring radio frequency identification much-needed attention, but there are risks for the RFID industry.

  • How to Grow the RFID Market, Part 2

    If RFID companies want to see the technology take off, they must create the conditions for mass adoption. Here's how they can do that.

  • How to Grow the RFID Market, Part 1

    There is only one way to do it, which is to convert one company at a time until we achieve critical mass.

  • RFID Fantasies

    Solution providers have dreams of scoring big deals quickly, which is retarding adoption of RFID technology.

  • Believing in RFID

    My conviction that radio frequency identification technology will be adopted widely in the near future is based on the knowledge that it can reduce waste in many industries.

  • Lower the Barriers to Adoption

    The RFID industry needs to do more to make it possible for companies to test RFID systems or use the technology for small applications.

  • Just How Big Will RFID Be?

    The lessons learned from the adoption of other technologies suggest that radio frequency identification will be more important than anyone currently imagines.

  • Is the RFID Industry Ready for Growth?

    There are two important issues that need to be addressed as the technology becomes mainstream.

  • RFID Continues to Move Toward Mass Adoption

    A post-event survey of end users who attended RFID Journal LIVE! 2014 reveals the RFID market is maturing and the technology is moving toward critical mass.

  • Can Zebra Change Its Stripes?

    The company is known for supplying bar-code printers and RFID printer-encoders. Now Zebra needs to develop a new identity that encompasses RFID readers and bar-code scanners.

  • Motorola Exits Stage Left

    After building the best-known brand in the RFID market and positioning itself as the gorilla, Motorola sells its RFID business to Zebra Technologies.

  • Expectations for RFID Journal LIVE! 2014

    More companies are attending the event, with plans to invest in RFID to solve their business problems.

  • Where We Are Going

    RFID is currently being used to help companies track containers, inventory, parts, tools and other valuable items, but it will become as essential to running a business as computers are today.

  • Who Is Coming to LIVE! 2014

    Companies from more than 40 countries and 30 industries have registered for RFID Journal's annual conference and exhibition, all seeking solutions to track and manage assets, goods or other items.

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