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Auto-ID White Papers

  • Measuring Intensity Levels of Electromagnetic Fields Generated by RFID Readers
    Published June 2016
    Ilya Rakhmanov and Valeriy Belousov, of EMC Vega Corp.'s RFID Center, present the results of tests conducted to measure the levels of electromagnetic (EM) fields generated by RFID equipment, in order to verify compliance with Russian standards and health regulations. (12 pages)
  • The Benefits of Using AIDC Technologies Based on GS1 and EPC Standards in the Energy and Utilities Sectors
    Published February 2013
    GS1 New Zealand and Vector Ltd. assess the efficacy of deploying standardized identifiers and the use of automatic data-capture technologies in the energy and utilities industries. This white paper focuses on UHF RFID, to determine the benefits for asset and resource management and inventory control that can be derived from enhanced supply chain and operational visibility. (17 pages)
    Tags: Auto-ID
  • Automated Tool Management Programs: Improving ROI Through Effective Process Improvement
    Published July 2010
    This white paper from Balluff, Inc., examines the processes of manual versus automated tool management, offering an in-depth examination of process-improvement methodologies, as well as a case study and associated ROI calculations providing evidence to justify an upgrade to automated-identification systems. In addition, Balluff suggests ways to save money, improve productivity, increase tool life, reduce waste and increase machine up-time through effective machine-tool management. (8 pages)
    Tags: Auto-ID
  • A Buyer's Guide for Auto ID-enabled Supply Chain, Issue #1: Reading Is Fundamental—Auto-ID Reader Hardware for Medical Device Operations
    Published July 2010
    This document, the first in a series from Raftar Corp., provides a practical assessment model for making critical solution design and selection decisions when deploying automatic-identification technologies in the health and life sciences supply chain. (13 pages)
    Tags: Auto-ID
  • Increase Visibility and Velocity With Real-Time Asset-Management Solutions
    Published July 2009
    Zebra Enterprise Solutions explains how it assists public sector organizations in tracking and managing essential assets in a number of environments, including lean manufacturing; maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO); equipment and asset tracking; and flight line operations. This document also explains how the U.S. Army Depot at Tobyhanna, Pa., within a year of implementing automated identification and RFID technologies to locate disassembled parts at various stages of the refurbishing process, achieved near-real-time visibility into each item's status, saving an estimated $450,000 annually. (2 pages)
    Tags: Auto-ID
  • RFID in Construction
    Published December 2006
    This report—submitted by Erabuild, in cooperation with the National Agency for Enterprise and Construction, Tekes, DTI and the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning—examines the current state of RFID in construction and facilities operations, as well as the technology's current and future potential uses in such environments. (100 pages)
    Tags: Auto-ID
  • Securing the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
    Published September 2005
    The complexity of the U.S. health-care system is increasing rapidly. Demographic changes, along with a host of new drugs, are causing greater volumes of raw materials and finished products to move through the pharmaceutical supply chain. This white paper from MIT's Auto-ID Center addresses how to fight the resultant counterfeit drug using auto-ID technology.
    Tags: Auto-ID
  • RFID Technology and Its Uses for Automatic Identification Data
    Published November 2004
    Submitted by SATO America, Inc., this document describes the basic components of an RFID system and explores the technology, applications and competitive advantages of RFID and its uses for automatic identification data collection (AIDC).
    Tags: Auto-ID
  • Auto-ID Center Savant Specification
    Published September 2003
    This paper, published the Auto-ID Center, has the original specification for the Savant software that was designed to be the central nervous system of the EPC network.
    Tags: Auto-ID
  • EPC Class 1 Specification
    Published November 2002
    This Auto-ID Center document specifies the original radio frequency communication interface and reader command functionality requirements for an UHF EPC Class I RFID tag.
    Tags: Auto-ID
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