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Each month, RFID Journal receives numerous white paper submissions from outside experts. We read each paper carefully and select the most informative articles. Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of facts or claims in these papers.

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  • Consumers Want a Smart Home Butler That Provides Services—Not a Bunch of Connected Things
    Published October 2015
    Almost every technology media outlet—consumer, trade and engineering—has been writing about the ongoing avalanche of technology for the home. GreenPeak Technologies' Cees Links discusses a better way to market the smart home and the consumer Internet of Things.
  • The 9 Golden Rules of NFC Marketing
    Published September 2015
    The potential of Near Field Communication for travel passes, contactless payments and many other applications is huge, and its operations can vary. NFC technology enables brands to develop their own interactive mobile marketing campaigns, and to connect print materials to enriched mobile content accessible via a user's smartphone. This guide, created by Unitag, explains how to utilize NFC in your marketing operations. (25 pages)
    Tags: NFC
  • RFID: Tracking a Tangible Approach to Gain Efficiencies in Food Retail
    Published September 2015
    The retail food industry provides a valuable service to consumers worldwide, but as a commodity market, it succeeds on razor-thin margins. Given the resource-intensive nature of grocery stores, responding to volatile market conditions while remaining competitive is extremely difficult. Avery Dennison explains how radio frequency identification could hold the answer for the retail food industry, serving as a key enabler in allowing stores to streamline resources, maximize profits and keep customers happy. (7 pages)
  • Connect, Talk, Think, Act: Developing Internet of Things and Industrial Internet Opportunities
    Published September 2015
    The Internet of Things is just scratching the surface of what will become possible in this age of customer service innovation. An instrumented, interconnected and intelligent world not only creates tremendous opportunity to make, transport and operate "things," but also leads to better products based on real-time insight into how they are used. To that end, Sogeti examines several compelling IoT use cases, ranging from industrial to consumer markets. This document is designed to help companies focus on "things" from their own perspective, and to develop solutions that will enhance their competitive edge. (36 pages)
  • Watch this Space: How Mobile and Beacons Are Enhancing the Value of Out-of-Home Media for Advertisers and Mobile App Partners
    Published September 2015
    In this Gimbal-sponsored white paper, IMMR's Phil Hendrix outlines the potential of MOHBE (mobile and out-of-home, powered by beacons) technology for advertisers, mobile app publishers and OOH media properties, covering the following key topics: industry leaders' perspectives on OOH, mobile and beacons; a primer on what beacons are and how they work; the five stages of mobile, beacon and OOH integration; why OOH stands out in a crowded media landscape; how advertisers, mobile app partners and OOH media can capitalize on the opportunity; and the challenges that advertisers and the OOH ecosystem must address. (23 pages)
  • Six Steps to a Successful RFID Asset-Tracking System
    Published August 2015
    While advanced automation has helped to vastly streamline industrial production in past years, RFID asset-tracking systems have done the same with inventory management and logistics. Prism Systems' Keith Jones and Siemens' Michael LaGrega explain how to set up such a solution. This paper provides a brief history of RFID, as well as an overview of how it works and some common applications. (8 pages)
  • Putting RFID to Work in Your Plant
    Published August 2015
    RFID is being used for a wide variety of applications, including many you might not even realize. Siemens' Jeff Snyder explains why, when used for product tracking, the technology can be faster and far more accurate than manual techniques. (4 pages)
  • EPCIS: The Standards, Supply Chain Implications and Solution Provider Expertise
    Published August 2015
    The Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) plays a pivotal role in the life-sciences supply chain. The EPCIS standard is a candidate to meet compliance requirements in several markets, and more companies are beginning to rely on it for internal serialized data communication. TraceLink's executives have been integrally involved with the development of EPCIS guidelines for use within life sciences, providing regulatory and technical expertise in four GS1 working groups. The company discusses its solution that supports the use of EPCIS between internal systems and trade partners at the packaging line, enterprise and network levels, offering flexible integration and data translation and transport capabilities. (4 pages)
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