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Inventory / Warehouse Management Editor's Note

  • Predictions for RFID in 2013

    It will be another year of steady progress and consolidation.

  • 2012: A Year of Progress

    End users rolled out new RFID applications and expanded existing deployments, the technology continued to improve, and there were some major acquisitions.

  • RFID in Brazil

    RFID Journal's inaugural event in that country revealed great enthusiasm for the technology.

  • Embedding RFID in Electronics Makes Sense

    In addition to enhancing the functionality of computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices, the technology might help to reduce the counterfeiting of software.

  • What Could Be in Health Care

    Many hospitals are using RFID for one application or another, but no one has yet put it all together.

  • Retailers Recognize the Problem—Not the Solution, Part 2

    A study conducted by Retail Systems Research indicates that retailers see the value of visibility, but don't recognize that RFID can deliver it.

  • How RFID Is Transforming VA Hospital Operations

    One of the largest rollouts of real-time location technology will help to improve care and reduce costs—and show other hospitals how a radio frequency identification deployment can be done right.

  • Getting Ready for the Future Supply Chain

    RFID Forum 2012, hosted by the University of Arkansas, offers an opportunity to see the new RFID Research Center lab and learn about item-level deployments.

  • The Biggest Risk When Deploying an RFID System

    It depends on the type of project, but for enterprise-wide rollouts, the issue is not the technology.

  • Word Is Getting Out About RFID in Retail

    Forbes, CNN, and many newspapers and business journals are covering deployments at Macy's and J.C. Penney, showing that the mainstream media finally understands the technology's value.

  • Retailers Recognize the Problem—Not the Solution

    A study conducted by Retail Systems Research indicates that retailers have in-store issues that RFID can solve, but they don't seem aware of what the technology can do.

  • RFID and Data-Driven Retailing

    Businesses run on data, and RFID allows retailers to collect a wealth of information cost-effectively, enabling them to better manage their operations.

  • RFID and the Big Picture

    A growing number of companies are considering radio frequency identification as a tool to enable fundamental changes to their organization.

  • Getting Past Dr. No

    There is always someone within an organization who tries to kill an RFID project before it starts. Here's how to deal with that person.

  • RFID's Next Generation of End Users

    Students around the world are learning about radio frequency identification, and will likely embrace the technology for solving many business problems.

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