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Efficiency Editor's Note

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  • How Will U.S. Companies Spend Their Tax Cut?

    The tax rate for businesses has been cut to 21 percent, from 39.1 percent, giving profitable firms a nice windfall; smart companies will invest in technologies such as RFID.

  • Leading Indicators of RFID Trends

    More apparel manufacturers, bar-code resellers and investors are signing up for RFID Journal's electronic newsletters. Here's what that means for the industry.

  • Technology Is the Key to Retail's Future

    RFID and other technologies will determine who will dominate as the online and brick-and-mortar worlds merge.

  • Finding Excellence

    At next week's RFID Journal LIVE! event, many companies will find new RFID solutions that will help them improve operations, reduce inefficiencies and become more profitable.

  • RFID, Productivity and Workers

    Some view the big productivity gains RFID technology can bring as a threat to workers' jobs and wages, but the reality is complex.

  • My Wall Street Journal Op-Ed on RFID

    The fact that a major newspaper has published an opinion piece suggests the tide has shifted in RFID's direction.

  • RFID Is Now a Corporate Priority

    Delta Air Lines and Macy's are among the companies making RFID a strategic imperative. What do they know that other firms don't?

  • Awards Finalists Highlight the Maturation of RFID

    The scope and complexity of many deployments show that RFID can play a role in mission-critical applications.

  • Innovation Gets Physical

    Rapid advances in digital technologies are beginning to be matched by technologies that improve the physical world—one of which is RFID.

  • People Are the Differentiator

    Retailers struggling with competition from websites should use RFID to free up employees to better serve customers.

  • Reversing the Decline in Productivity

    If companies begin investing again in new technologies, workers will become more efficient.

  • Airbus Continues to Innovate

    With the appointment of Carlo Nizam to head its digitalization strategy, the airplane maker is charting a flight path toward greater efficiency and profitability.

  • End Users Must Balance Interests

    Companies that want the short-term benefits of using RFID before their competitors should also consider the longer-term goal of promoting adoption within their industry.

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