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Where Can I Find RFID Tags and Wi-Fi Readers for Tires?

Posted By RFID Journal, 04.21.2014

Do any companies make Wi-Fi RFID tags specifically for this application?

—Name withheld


I am unaware of any Wi-Fi RIFD tags or readers designed specifically for tracking tires. Generally speaking, Wi-Fi RFID tags are fairly large, as they house a battery and a printed circuit board. Most companies use passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) transponders and readers to track them. Here are some articles that might be of interest as you pursue a tire-tracking solution:

Tire Manufacturers Roll Forward With RFID
Dutch Tire Company Bonds EPC Tags to Retreads
Michelin Uses RFID to Track Tire Pressure and Tread for London Bus Company
Goodyear Dunlop Europe Plans RFID Trials for Bus Tires
British Touring Car Championship Tracks Tires
RFID Tracks Tires at NASCAR
Michelin Embeds RFID Tags in Tires

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal


Reader . 2014-04-24 04:53:43 PM
I sell RFID tags specifically for this application. My contact information is available at http://two-red-cells.com. Please let me know quantities and any other details and I would be pleased to provide more information.
James E. Heurich 2014-04-24 07:34:14 PM
RFID, Inc. provides the solution you seek. Please email info@rfidinc.com.
Alvaro Ruiz 2014-04-25 05:09:03 AM
Mark, RFID memeber, there have been several questions about this solutions from a long. This is my experience and the comments in the topic of what I have been using and promoting on the industry: • This solution is intended to track tire's performance such as thread consumption, pression and temperature, position and miles life. • However this solution above is for develoedp countries or companies that have controlled unwanted tire's position on the truck and TIRE THEFT, with this in mind, the intial step you will find with end users at least in the Americas specially in Latin America is how to control theft, afterwards pressure, temp, miles tracking, rethread are bonuses since the most important element is to control unwanted tire rotation and THEFT. • Why is so important: make this calculation 6 tires on mid size truck, 18 tires on trucks x trucks fleet x $120 - $180 on rethread and $300 - $450 new tires, is a lot of money on assets running on the streets all the time, that is why is so important to control initially.THEFT and rotation. • the perfect.solution will be that all tires will come with embedded RFID, but this will only happen if tire companies have demand from its companies, at this moment there is m Not such a big.pressure that is why the end users must rely on a local solution. • one of the best tags I have found on the industry that I offer to the channel Michelins development on its tire tag, a special design that can be embeded on the a tire if needed or a tire patch, there are several providers but we have arrange special pricing on volume. • One of the key elements I reccomend to be evaluated is to improve the chip performance using a chip leader brand like IMPINJ Monza or Alie. since in my honest opinion NXP is good quality but its competitors are having better performance. • Important details to consider are: let the end users.know this application must be perform with a handheld reader like the motorola MC3190z or its.big brother MC9190z, Nordic.s products have a great performance as well, also other options in the industry, •why its has to be manual? specially for the whole solution since you will be using the hand held to read to initial an important tags: truck's windshield tag and cargo tag in order to confirm from the database tires allocation and serial numbers, on which the handheld software will compare and evaluate: position and ownership, giving three final results: it is your tire in the right position, it is you tire but it has been changed from its initial position without your permission ( creating and capturing a tire theft tactic) and last one it is not your tire and you have been stolen but you will capture the thieve right on the •. After tire theft has been controlled you and your customer will be able.to.move towards tire performance analytics such as miles performance, rethread control, thread measurement or more. We have beem very sucessful on this application On the Americas and we.offer the handheld software applications, tags and consulting services for integrators and end users. My name is Alvaro Ruiz and I am an RFID research and international business consultant providing services to chann partners, at this moment I support specially one company www.acuityrf.com twitter @RFID_America please contact support@acuityrf.com for more info. Find me on LinkedIn as well Alvaro J. Ruiz •
Yan Wu 2014-04-29 04:38:30 AM
URadio systems provides Wi-Fi RFID tags. Our tag is based on IEEE 802.11b and competitable with most of APs. Android phones can read tag's ID, signal strength and small data as well. Our tag supports various sensors including pressure. Please send email to info@uradiosystems.com or visit http://www.uradiosystems.com/en/
Warren Wolf 2014-04-29 11:19:58 AM
We offer RFID printers, rfid tags, rfid labels for all types of tracking applications. Contact us for all your RFID Products Email info@barcodefactory.com - WEB www.Barcodefactory.com
Mario Beltran 2014-06-04 05:40:02 PM
Hello, We develop the 4HALO RFID tag, which is use the track tires for the regular maintenance or for theft applications: http://youtu.be/DhudgqwNtoA You can contact us at info@4ward.mx Thanks.
Mario Beltran 2014-06-04 05:52:21 PM
We produce the 4HALO RFID Tire tag which could be use for maintenance tracking, warehouse management, and theft detection: http://youtu.be/DhudgqwNtoA Email: info@4ward.mx

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