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Each month, RFID Journal receives numerous white paper submissions from outside experts. We read each paper carefully and select the most informative articles. Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of facts or claims in these papers.

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  • Executive Briefing: Towards an Approach to Intellectual Property
    Published August 2002
    The open system concept is that common linking technologies should be available for use by everyone. Providing this availability requires such considerations as licenses, patents, copyrights and trademarks, or else the emerging competitive market for products and services compatible with an open system may be impaired or restricted. This question touches on a number of philosophical issues. Kevin Ashton's white paper summarizes these and other questions, but does not seek to address them or express an opinion.
    Tags: Auto-ID
  • RFID Within the Distribution Center
    Published June 2002
    This paper, written by PWC Consulting (now part of IBM Business Consulting Services) for the Auto-ID Center examines the potential savings companies can realize by using RFID within their distribution centers.
    Tags: Auto-ID
  • RFID and Out-of-Stocks
    Published June 2002
    This paper, written by PWC Consulting (now part of IBM Business Consulting Services) for the Auto-ID Center looks at RFID's potential to improve on-shelf product availability.
    Tags: Auto-ID
  • Multi-Band, Low-Cost EPC Tag Reader
    Published June 2002
    This Auto-ID Center's goal was to create a low-cost RFID reader. This paper spells out the original design proposed by the center. It was made available to any manufacturer that wanted to use it to create EPC readers.
    Tags: Auto-ID
  • Factors Affecting Tag and Reader Design
    Published June 2002
    Prepared by the Auto-ID Center in Adelaide, Australia, this paper explains the major factors affecting the design of EPC tag antennas and readers for systems that could be used on supermarket shelves.
    Tags: Auto-ID
  • The Virtual Electronic Product Code
    Published February 2002
    This paper, published by the Auto-ID Center in, proposed an extension of the EPC concept to address the unique identification of batch products, component types and physical configurations.
    Tags: Auto-ID
  • The Intelligent Product Driven Supply Chain
    Published February 2002
    Prepared by the Auto-ID Center at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, this paper explores the impact of RFID on supply chains, drawing contrasts between those for simple and complex products.
    Tags: Auto-ID
  • Auto-ID Across the Value Chain
    Published January 2002
    Written by Accenture for the Auto-ID Center, this paper, subtitled "From Dramatic Potential to Greater Efficiency and Profit," examines the benefits—and pathways to adoption—of RFID throughout the supply chain.
    Tags: Auto-ID
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