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Each month, RFID Journal receives numerous white paper submissions from outside experts. We read each paper carefully and select the most informative articles. Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of facts or claims in these papers.

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  • ASEMC: Authentication for a SEcure M-Commerce
    Published June 2005
    This white paper, written by Christina Braz and Esma Aimeur, describes a user-centered security authentication system against fraud, counterfeit and theft for the mobile commerce domain, specifically for mobile devices. This, the authors assert, is achieved through a microprocessor chip implanted under human skin.
    Tags: Security
  • Seven Places Retailers Can Benefit from RFID Without Item-Level Tagging
    Published June 2005
    Retail analysts say RFID is poised to revolutionize retail operations, even if merchandise is never read at the point of sale. While standards and privacy policies for item-level retail RFID systems are sorted out, savvy retailers are launching RFID initiatives to test-drive the technology in proven areas of their supply chains. This paper by Intermec features seven places retailers can use tags, other than at the item level, to reduce labor, provide inventory visibility and improve profits.
    Tags: Retail
  • Beyond the Tag: Finding RFID Value in Manufacturing & Distribution Applications
    Published June 2005
    Companies need to look beyond the tag to see the true value of RFID. This white paper from Intermec describes how businesses have used internal RFID systems to reduce costs, improve efficiency and explain how lessons learned can be applied to a variety of industrial ooperations.
  • RFID Overview: Introduction to Radio Frequency Identification
    Published June 2005
    RFID is a flexible technology that is convenient, easy to use and well-suited for automatic operation. It combines advantages not available with other identification technologies. This white paper by Intermec examines how RFID can benefit a variety of applications.
  • Information Infrastructure: Delivering the Advantage of Information Integration Today
    Published June 2005
    This IBM-submitted white paper discusses the value proposition of WebSphere Information Integrator software, summarizing its primary capabilities and considering its role in the information infrastructure.
  • Enterprise-Wide Data Collection and Bar Code Printing for Superior Supply Chain Management
    Published June 2005
    Companies that can't provide information along with their products increasingly find themselves at a disadvantage versus their competitors who do. This white paper from Zebra Technologies shows how advanced bar code and related technologies can create sustainable advantages by providing the information required for modern business practices.
  • Improving Parcel & Postal Operations With Bar-Code Printing
    Published June 2005
    This white paper from Zebra Technologies discusses specific opportunities to gain efficiency or new revenue in retail post office, express parcel, depot and delivery operations; how to improve asset management and security with bar-code and RFID technology; and other cricial topics.
    Tags: Retail
  • Patrient Safety Applications of Bar-Code and RFID Technologies
    Published June 2005
    Despite the mounting evidence that medical errors are a persistent and growing problem throughout the U.S. health care industry, little has been done to reverse the trend. Nationwide, less than 25 percent of hospitals have even rudimentary technology to reduce errors. This white paper from Zebra Technologies examines how bar coding and RFID can help improve this growing dilemma.
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