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Each month, RFID Journal receives numerous white paper submissions from outside experts. We read each paper carefully and select the most informative articles. Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of facts or claims in these papers.

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  • RFID Usage in the Patient-Care Environment
    Published July 2008
    This study, authored by Barbara Christe, Elaine Cooney, Gregg Maggioli, Dustin Doty, Robert Frye and Jason Short, examines the effects of two common passive RFID antennas—near-field and far-field—and five general types of patient-care equipment in real-use scenarios. Data was collected regarding the function of the equipment within the antennas' RF fields, in situations resembling common use.
  • Wireless ZigBee Transponder With Temperature-Sensor Capability for RFID Application
    Published July 2008
    The Universiti Sains Malaysia's Widad Ismail, J.S. Mandeep and Raed Abdulla describe a low-power wireless transponder that can accurately monitor greenhouse air temperature by using a linear temperature sensor. The device transmits data wirelessly to a local monitoring unit over 2.4 GHz radio frequency bands, which use the ZigBee protocol.
  • The Efficiency of RFID Tag Antennas Produced by Copper Plating Catalytic Ink Traces
    Published June 2008
    Johan Sidén, Bruce Lee and John Ganjei quantize by measurement the performance of antennas with three materials (vapor-deposited aluminum, electroplated, and electro-less deposited copper) and various metal thicknesses, to serve as guidelines regarding how to design antennas with those materials.
  • Integrating You-R OPEN and SAP
    Published February 2008
    RF-iT Solutions explains how integrating SAP and You-R OPEN can help companies employing SAP as an ERP system cover their business processes by using and customizing their existing system, rather than implementing another isolated application.
  • Life-Cycle Management of Radioactive Materials Packaging
    Published December 2007
    Authors Y. Liu, S. Bellamy and J. Shuler describe a framework of life-cycle-management (LCM) strategies for type-B radioactive and fissile material transportation packaging used for interim storage, as well as the key attributes in the programs for managing the aging degradation of materials and packaging components. This includes periodic inspection and monitoring, and the application of advanced technologies, such as RFID. (7 pages)
  • An RFID Device to Improve Shelf Replenishment Efficiency
    Published November 2007
    This paper from Brazil's Instituto Atlantico presents a feasibility analysis of RFID technology applied to item-level inventory, specifically for smart-shelf systems, to improve shelf replenishment efficiency and prevent out-of-stocks.
  • Achieving Return on Investment Using RFID for Jewelry Tracking
    Published April 2007
    Avery Dennison explains why tracking jewelry inventory is uniquely suited to the use of radio frequency identification.
    Tags: Retail
  • RFID in Construction
    Published December 2006
    This report—submitted by Erabuild, in cooperation with the National Agency for Enterprise and Construction, Tekes, DTI and the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning—examines the current state of RFID in construction and facilities operations, as well as the technology's current and future potential uses in such environments. (100 pages)
    Tags: Auto-ID
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