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Each month, RFID Journal receives numerous white paper submissions from outside experts. We read each paper carefully and select the most informative articles. Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of facts or claims in these papers.

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  • Choosing RFID For Industrial Applications
    Published July 2010
    This white paper from Balluff, Inc., outlines options for using RFID in machine-tool, palletized-assembly and production-tracking applications, based on standard products currently available. Balluff explains the basic principles of operation, and how they influence the performance of each type of system. The three most widely available RFID systems—high-frequency (HF), low-frequency (LF) and ultrahigh-frequency (UHF)—are discussed. (10 pages)
  • A Buyer's Guide for Auto ID-enabled Supply Chain, Issue #1: Reading Is Fundamental—Auto-ID Reader Hardware for Medical Device Operations
    Published July 2010
    This document, the first in a series from Raftar Corp., provides a practical assessment model for making critical solution design and selection decisions when deploying automatic-identification technologies in the health and life sciences supply chain. (13 pages)
    Tags: Auto-ID
  • How Bar Codes and RFID Deliver Value to Manufacturing and Distribution
    Published July 2010
    Zebra Technologies explains how advanced bar-code and RFID technologies can create sustainable advantages by providing the accurate information required for modern business practices, and how implementing these technologies can help companies realize a significant return on investment. (12 pages)
  • The Batteryless RFID Imperative in Health Care
    Published July 2010
    Ravi Pappu, the co-founder and VP of ThingMagic's Advanced Development Group, explains why batteryless RFID is the most economical way to measure a large number of parameters in health-care settings; how batteryless RFID's low cost and complexity enable innovative patient-centric applications that would otherwise not be implemented; and why it often makes sense to implement batteryless RFID applications first. (8 pages)
  • Methodologies for Sharply Reducing Hospital-acquired Infections
    Published June 2010
    Dynamic RFID Solutions discusses the spread of hospital-acquired infections, and explains how to combat the problem by promoting good hand hygiene via an automated, interactive electronic monitoring system utilizing RFID and infrared technologies. (7 pages)
  • The GS1 US Visibility Framework
    Published June 2010
    GS1 US offers a standards-based approach that companies can use to identify, capture and share data throughout the value chain, whether they utilize ERP systems, supply chain management software, bar codes, RFID, mobile or wireless computers, database programs or Web-based information exchanges to improve visibility. (11 pages)
  • Traceability in Retail—Reducing RFID Media Costs for Best Value
    Published June 2010
    Retailers face enormous pressure to gain the most return from their business-process investments. RFID enables business intelligence throughout an organization's value chain to provide critical information for fast and accurate decision-making. Achieving the most value from RFID demands an innovative method for ensuring accuracy while shrinking the reoccurring costs of label media. This document from Zebra Technologies discusses the benefits item-level tagging brings to the retail industry, and how on-pitch printing and encoding solutions can boost RFID's value beyond the supply chain. (8 pages)
    Tags: Retail
  • What Is RFID Interoperability?
    Published June 2010
    Ted Osinski, the director of MET Laboratories' RFID programs, and the manager of the Dash7 Alliance's certification program, discusses the components, economic impact and other issues of an interoperable RFID system, as well as Dash7 interoperability, how to develop a certification program architecture, and the benefits of Dash7 certification. (5 pages)
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