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Each month, RFID Journal receives numerous white paper submissions from outside experts. We read each paper carefully and select the most informative articles. Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of facts or claims in these papers.

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  • Improve the IoT User Experience With NFC Simple Secure Pairing
    Published October 2019
    Near Field Communication's growing global deployment allows for wide interoperability, and its ease of use makes NFC a natural choice when Internet of Things device manufacturers want to streamline and improve the user experience throughout the lifecycle of an IoT device. This document, published by the NFC Forum and the Internet of Things Special Interest Group, provides some best practices, recommendations and in-market examples. (17 pages)
  • 2019 Post Quantum Crypto Survey
    Published October 2019
    Many are excited about quantum computing's promise to address problems too difficult for digital computers, but NIST and other companies predict that quantum computers will be able to break most sophisticated encryption algorithms, leading to security issues. The industry needs to develop cryptographic algorithms able to withstand quantum computing threats—and there are particular implications for IoT devices and applications—so DigiCert commissioned its 2019 Post Quantum Crypto Survey. (8 pages)
  • Wi-Fi & LoRaWAN Deployment Synergies: Expanding Addressable Use Cases for the Internet of Things
    Published September 2019
    Mobile operators, enterprises, cities and other Internet of Things market players can gain access to a wealth of new IoT use cases by combining two unlicensed connectivity technologies, Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN, as illustrated in this white paper from the Wireless Broadband Alliance and the LoRa Alliance. (63 pages)
  • Making a Successful Business Case for Drone Technology
    Published September 2019
    PrecisionHawk has released this technology guide that provides a blueprint for enterprises to develop a business case for deploying a drone technology program. Produced in partnership with Skylogic Research, the guide offers enterprises a step-by-step process to analyze, evaluate and communicate key objectives of a drone program to ensure company-wide adoption. (27 pages)
  • MYTHINGS vs. LoRa
    Published September 2019
    This BehrTech report, concluded by Dr. Thomas Lauterbach, purports that in real-world Industrial Internet of Things deployments, the MYTHINGS platform delivers higher interference resilience than LoRa technology, and that in a high-interference environment at the same network range, MYTHINGS loses no messages—whereas there will always be some failed LoRa transmissions, regardless of signal power and range. (9 pages)
  • Making Autonomous Vehicles Accessible to Persons With Disabilities Will Bring New Business Opportunities and Legal Challenges to the Auto Industry
    Published August 2019
    Autonomous vehicles represent the future of driving, with popular manufacturers developing and refining self-driving cars, and with ride-share companies testing such vehicles on their platforms. The CommLaw Group's Michal Nowicki explains why this new market will become more profitable if self-driving cars are built to accommodate those with disabilities. (3 pages)
  • Home Router Security: The Buck Stops Where?
    Published June 2019
    Cybercrime is a major concern, stemming from the inherent vulnerabilities in Internet of Things devices and home routers. Who should consumers look to for home network security? Network operators can provide multi-layered security without users having to carry out elaborate downloads or installations. HardenStance's Patrick Donegan examines why it's up to network operators to offer network-level security to consumers' connected devices. (7 pages)
  • IoT in the Enterprise: An Analysis of Traffic and Threats
    Published May 2019
    Enterprises have been adopting IoT products to improve organizational efficiency, enhance communications and gain insights into system performance, but such rapid adoption has opened up new attack vectors for cybercriminals. Zscaler's ThreatLabZ research team analyzed one month of data for recent IoT device footprints, based on traffic in the Zscaler cloud. This report details the results. (12 pages)
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