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Supply Chain White Papers

  • An RFID Device to Improve Shelf Replenishment Efficiency
    Published November 2007
    This paper from Brazil's Instituto Atlantico presents a feasibility analysis of RFID technology applied to item-level inventory, specifically for smart-shelf systems, to improve shelf replenishment efficiency and prevent out-of-stocks.
  • ROI through RFID: An Attainable Goal
    Published January 2006
    Eric Fleming, an RFID consultant with Rush Tracking Systems, measures the gains that a company can achieve by deploying radio frequency identification. In analyzing RFID's potential return on investment, managers must face a basic question: Can the technology improve a company's performance and strength through increased productivity, greater profitability and improved safety? (4 pages)
  • Driving Costs Out of the Supply Chain: Inbound Logistics
    Published November 2005
    Written by Atul Ankush Chatur of Infosys, this white paper discusses best practices observed with successful inbound logistics programs of manufacturing organizations in the automotive industry and consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector. It also examines the role of a 3PL services provider in this equation, focusing on transportation and warehousing services.
  • The Benefits of Automating a Slap and Ship Operation
    Published August 2005
    In response to the hassles of "slap and ship," many suppliers are turning to fully automated printer/aplicators. The downside is the prohibitive cost involved in the set-up of these operations. The question becomes: What is the right level of integration necessary to streamline an RFID operation without a crippling initial investment?
  • RFID Middleware: Integration to the Entire Supply Chain
    Published August 2005
    This white paper, by Kirit Goyal and Deep Krishna, discusses in detail the design for a simple, cost-effective and scalable RFID middleware that will provide a two-way integration between an RFID application and any business application.
  • The Power of Automatic ID and Integrated Security
    Published July 2005
    In this white paper from Bestshore Business Solutions, authors Anthony Furness and Yali Sassoon lay the foundations for a thorough analysis of the potential role and value of AIDC technologies in maritime supply chain security. Such potential can only be realized if AIDC is integrated into holistic security solutions.
  • Enterprise-Wide Data Collection and Bar Code Printing for Superior Supply Chain Management
    Published June 2005
    Companies that can't provide information along with their products increasingly find themselves at a disadvantage versus their competitors who do. This white paper from Zebra Technologies shows how advanced bar code and related technologies can create sustainable advantages by providing the information required for modern business practices.
  • RFID in the Real World
    Published April 2005
    This white paper, written by FKI Logistex, provides a general overview of RFID technology and its use in warehouses and distribution centers. It includes estimates of savings for specific activities, such as claims management, cross docking and dispatching.
  • A Basic Introduction to RFID Technologies and Its Use in the Supply Chain
    Published April 2005
    Written for both technical and business professionals, this white paper from Laran RFID explores how RFID works, its various building blocks and the potential the technology has for the supply chain.
  • GeoTime Visualization of RFID Supply Chain Data
    Published March 2005
    This paper, written by David Shuping of FC Business Systems, and William Wright of Oculus Info, explains how visualization software can be used to track shipments in time and geography for better supply chain visibility.
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