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Testimonials from Our Readers

"I have found that RFID Journal provides an objective viewpoint of RFID. It you are looking a resource that provides insights as to the application and implications of deploying RFID, RFID Journal will meet your needs. It gives you a broad perspective of RFID; beyond the retail supply chain." —Mike O'Shea, Director of Corporate AutoID/RFID Strategies & Technologies, Kimberly-Clark Corp.

"No other source provides the consistent value-added insight that Mark Robert and his staff do. In a world dominated by press release after press release, RFID Journal is developing as the one place to go to make the most sense out of the present and future of RFID in commerce." —Bob Hurley, Project Leader for RFID, Bayer HealthCare's Consumer Care Division

"I've been with the Auto-ID Center since it's beginning and can attest that RFID Journal has been one of the several forces that have helped make this whole thing happen!" —Tom Ahlkvist Scharfeld

"RFID Journal is the one go-to source for information on the latest in RFID technology." —Bruce Keim, director, Hewlett-Packard

"RFID Journal is the only source I need to keep up to the minute with the happenings in the RFID world." —Blair Hawley, VP Supply Chain, Remington Products Company

"I'm always looking forward to the "RFID Journal e-mail newsletter. As a RFID Programme Manager, there is always something I learn from it." —Adrie Kaljee, RFID Programme Manager, TPG Post

"RFID Journal is the single source for knowing what is happening and discussing what potentially may happen next with RFID. RFID Journal stands alone. —Steve Fabes, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

"With all the hype, ill-informed analyst proclamations and outright disinformation surrounding RFID in the press, RFID Journal is a refreshing reality check. It provides a balanced, data-driven view of the real issues, challenges and progress in RFID, and I look forward to watching it grow alongside the industry." —Paul Grim Managing Director Equitek Capital

"A great publication focusing on the needs of the user." —Tom Coyle, Senior VP, IconNicholson

"The best source of information regarding RFID. Brings an individual from 1st grade to BS degree." —John Davis, Sales, Macro Plastics

"RFID Journal is an excellent magazine with a lot of insightful articles and approaches to RFID technology and implementations. It's useful to both adopters and consultants." —Ram Amravaneswaren Manager BearingPoint

"For the past several years, RFID Journal has been maintaining its commitment to seeing RFID succeed, showing both the positives and negatives of the technology. It has enabled many of my clients to develop an appreciation for the technologies capabilities and has shown that the anticipated uses of the technology are in fact real and viable for today's businesses." —Nicholas W. Martino, Consultant, N&M Associates

"RFID Journal is the best resource for finding timely information in the RFID arena. From healthcare to homeland security, I am able to find the information I need. The online capability allows me to be anywhere in the world and find the latest information." —Stephen Walker Clinical Technology Integration Specialist Air Force Medical Logistics

"RFID Journal has made thousands of hours of research available at the touch of a button, or as simple to find as picking up a magazine. This time saving aggregation of information has broadened the ability of service providers to keep up to date with the technology and supply valid solutions and alternatives for our clients throughout implementation." —Steve Brown President/CEO Nano Logistics LLC Anchorage Alaska

"RFID Journal is the best source of RFID news in this galaxy!" —Rajeev Shah, Senior Business Development Manager, Patni Computer Systems

"Excellent content. Well-rounded source of information. Tells it like it is—the good, the bad, and the ugly. —Brian Keith Director, Public Sector Vermillion Group

"RFID Journal is an invaluable tool to stay current on standards and how the technology is being used in organizations today." Ric Thomann, Business Development RFID Solutions, IBM Global Services

"RFID Journal, both online and in print form is the only source for true unaltered RFID information. With all the hype and me too articles, it is refreshing to have a source of information that you can rely on. —Rich McGillicuddy President, InfoWave Solutions

"RFID Journal is vital for us to keep up with the rapidly changing RFID industry." —Jeff Thorn, Director of Product Development, Octave Technology

"RFID Journal is always first on the breaking news and the in-depth story on RFID." —John Healy, CEO, 360Solutions Group

"RFID Journal provides us with useful and up-to-date information on RFID technology and trends. It is necessary for us to keep abreast of such issues in order to make use of the technology effectively. A lot of thanks to RFID Journal." —Ratanakorn Kornsilpa, Managing Director, Xpert Management Co.

"Awareness of the new technology, its potential and ramifications, is an important first step towards adoption. Mark Roberti and his team are doing an excellent job towards this." —Sampath Mani, COO, Analytica India

"RFID Journal is an excellent all round summary of what is happening in the RFID world. It keeps me up to date on the latest developments and issues in a rapidly maturing and ever changing industry." —Andrew Thompson Analyst/Project Manager Australian Citrus Growers

"Made by professionals for professionals with the best sources and news that you can get!" —Patrick Brient, administrator & RD manager, Techprint s.a.

"RFID Journal is the best way we have found to stay on top of the changes that occur in the industries utilizing RFID. From products to strategies and successes I look forward to reviewing the news on their site daily. —Jim Lass, Vice President, Advanced Technology, Van Meter Industrial

"RFID Journal was my first exposure to the industry, and happily, it continues to be my most trusted, concise and thoughtful outlet of information on this very dynamic multi-issued technology. And nothing is quite as good as one-on-one exposure to the issues and the people (from all over the world). RFID Journal Live 2004 gave me more insights and contacts in just a few days than I could have imagined. Your on-line updates and monthly articles keep me focused on the state-of-affairs, from both a historical, present day and forward-thinking perspective. Probably the best investment I've ever made, and it's fun being a part of something that's bound to explode." —Steve Meizlish, President & CEO, MeizCorp Services, Inc.

"RFID Journal is THE authority for those who want to keep close tabs on RIFD. The Journal provides detailed background and sources that you can't find anywhere else." —Anita Campbell, CEO, Small Business Trends LLC

"RFID Journal products and services are absolutely essential as an educational/networking platform. The Journal's unbiased reporting is invaluable to vendors and end-users alike, and it provides the conduit to help advance the technology with input from all quarters. —Ken Reich, Director of Marketing & Public Relations, TAGSYS USA

"RFID journal is a publication that I would highly recommend to anyone even slightly interested in the RFID technologies." —Kenneth Trussell, Sr. Systems Consultant, Symbol Technologies

"As a major supplier of RFID components, Dynasys depends on the RFID Journal to keep us updated on the latest RFID products that are being made available." —Bob Scher, CEO, DYNASYS

"RFID Journal online, and now hardcopy, have been instrumental in providing very useful and timely information on the technology, evolution, providers and users. I continue to recommend it as a "necessary" resource whenever I conduct RFID presentations. —Mike Sanzone R&D Manager MPI Label Systems

"RFID Journal brings together the top influencers in RFID today, including the label and reader suppliers, technology innovators, system integrators, software suppliers and end users." —Steven Ludmerer, President, Parelec

"RFID Journal is consistently on target and well written. It's head and shoulders above any of the others." —Roger Stewart, CTO, Intelleflex Corporation

"A great daily source for the latest updates in the RFID world." —Michael Solovy, RFID Strategy Analsyst, Best Buy Co., Inc.

"RFID Journal has consistently provided the kind of reporting and education about this market necessary for professionals. I’ve also recommended the RFID Journal University classes and, of course, the RFID Journal LIVE! executive conference [to contacts]. The feedback I receive from all continues to put this publication in the highest regard in terms of quality, competency, completeness, and objectivity. —Jack Bourque, president, RFID Careers, a division of Wireless Careers

"RFID Journal is a focal point for information on all of RFID, ranging from the basics, to standards, to implementations, to the latest in the technology. —Allan Griebenow, President & CEO, AXCESS International Inc.

"Absolutely essential to keep abreast of a rapidly changing technology like RFID." —Michael Osborne, President Verb Advisory Services

"RFID Journal is the leading source of relevant information for the RFID industry, providing in-depth knowledge not available to the general public. —Jim Monahan President RFIDlogic

"As a resident in Australia, RFID Journal is my main source on RFID developments, news and deployments, in the United States and Europe. There are no other journals that provide the same level of integral information and ease of accessibility. —Gerry Wind Manager Supply Chain Development, Amcor Fibre Packaging Australasia

"RFID Journal makes a point of keeping on top of the emerging RFID issues and helping to clarify different decision points necessary to implement RFID effectively." —Larry Clopp, Sr Partner, EPC Solutions

"RFID Journal has been a great resource for all our RFID projects in the Philippines and has been a great asset for business case building in our RFID consulting business. Our customers had an easier time understanding what their competitors are doing and most of all, the benefits that they could reap from this fantastic technology. —Miko Valerio Vice President AC Corporation

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