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  • Tips for RFID Smart Label Printing/Encoding
    Published March 2011
    Accurate RFID encoding is critical to every deployment. If a printer-encoder fails to function properly, errors can propagate throughout an entire supply chain. Zebra Technologies offers a set of tips to help end users get more from their smart label printing system, by improving reliability, minimizing operator intervention, reducing wasted labels, preventing encoding and printing errors, and yielding a greater number of usable labels per media roll. (8 pages)
  • How to Implement a Successful RFID Project
    Published October 2010
    RFID technologies can provide increased efficiency, security and visibility into a company's business processes, and make a firm more profitable—but only when implemented smartly. Barcoding Inc.'s Bill Poulsen offers 10 strategies to help make RFID integration projects flow more smoothly, as well as provide a baseline of knowledge for each new project. (6 pages)
  • What Does an RFID Project Implementation Take?
    Published September 2008
    This white paper discusses the various technologies available to companies undertaking an RFID implementation, from consultation to system operation.
  • Integrating You-R OPEN and SAP
    Published February 2008
    RF-iT Solutions explains how integrating SAP and You-R OPEN can help companies employing SAP as an ERP system cover their business processes by using and customizing their existing system, rather than implementing another isolated application.
  • Life-Cycle Management of Radioactive Materials Packaging
    Published December 2007
    Authors Y. Liu, S. Bellamy and J. Shuler describe a framework of life-cycle-management (LCM) strategies for type-B radioactive and fissile material transportation packaging used for interim storage, as well as the key attributes in the programs for managing the aging degradation of materials and packaging components. This includes periodic inspection and monitoring, and the application of advanced technologies, such as RFID. (7 pages)
  • A Practical Guide to RFID Label Quality
    Published February 2006
    Detailed analysis of RFID label quality can be expensive and require a great deal of skill, but an RFID reader and other common equipment can provide some insight. The tests described in this publication from Paxar Americas provide basic information on how to start assessing label quality via RFID.
  • Fire Test Findings and Fixes
    Published January 2006
    Bruce R. Stuart of ChannelCorp discusses a core set of functional challenges facing all or most IT vendors heading into 2006. The author divides his findings up into five sections: Strategic/Architectural/Coverage Challenges; Product Marketing Challenges; Channel Marketing Challenges; Channel Development Challenges; and Channel Management Challenges.
  • VAR Growth, Investment and Profitability
    Published January 2006
    The purpose of this white paper by Bruce R. Stuart of ChannelCorp is to provide readers with guidance and strategic focus to direct 2006/2007 growth, investment and profit in partner organizations.
  • Opening Strategy for Mobile RFID Service in Korea
    Published December 2005
    Boo-man Cheong, director of the RFID/USN team at the National Computerization Agency, studies the trends and value chain related to mobile RFID services, both domestically and abroad, and proposes a strategy to implement it successfully.
  • Receptivity: A Tag Performance Metric
    Published December 2005
    Ensuring good tag receptivity is key to optimizing an RFID system deployment. This paper from Impinj discusses how end users can make straightforward, head-to-head comparisons of tag performance, taking dead zones, optimum reader spacing and maximum inventory range into account.
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