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Standards and Regulation White Papers

  • Will Your EPC Gen 2 System Be Up to Standard?
    Published October 2005
    This white paper from Intermec describes the six key user requirements for Gen 2 performance (speed, efficiency, reliability, range, security and cost), and how they can differ among Gen 2-compliant products.
  • Gen 2 Implications for Smart Label Printing
    Published October 2005
    Zebra Technologies explains the implications Gen 2 has for smart label printing, illustrating the need to support multiple RFID protocols, upgrade installed printer-encoders to support Gen 2, and identify and avoid potential obstacles and costs.
  • Understanding Evolution: How Gen 2 Will Impact You
    Published September 2005
    Chris Fennig, director of professional services and a contributor to RFID for Dummies, and RF engineer Chetan Karani, in association with the ODIN Technologies library, offer a guide for dealing with the complexities of Gen 2 RFID.
  • EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 RFID Specification
    Published June 2005
    Alien Technology provides a brief explanation of how Class 1 Gen 2 improves on previous EPC protocols and the impact of those benefits.
  • Meeting the EPC RFID Mandates: Where to Begin
    Published June 2005
    Why do we need RFID? If bar code and other automatic identification technologies have added so much to improve the efficiencies of data accuracy and real-time information acquisition, why must we turn to yet another technology? Weber Marking Systems addresses these questions in a white paper written by Ann Marie Phaneuf, director of marketing.
  • RFID Futures in Western Europe
    Published January 2005
    This white paper, from Susan Griffin and Colin Willaims of Juniper Research, addresses RFID technology issues and markets in Western Europe. It discusses the European technology standards debate, and the opportunities and challenges facing companies wishing to implement RFID initiatives within Europe. It also provides a forecast for European RFID initiatives to 2009.
  • Passive Radio Frequency Identification: Primer for New RF Regulations
    Published November 2003
    This white paper, written by Kevin Powell, senior director of product development at Matrics (now Symbol Technologies), outlines many of the issues related to the regulation of UHF RFID systems, including reader power output, bandwidth usage, channel width and duty cycles.
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