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Standards and Regulation White Papers

  • What Is RFID Interoperability?
    Published June 2010
    Ted Osinski, the director of MET Laboratories' RFID programs, and the manager of the Dash7 Alliance's certification program, discusses the components, economic impact and other issues of an interoperable RFID system, as well as Dash7 interoperability, how to develop a certification program architecture, and the benefits of Dash7 certification. (5 pages)
  • Meeting the EPC RFID Mandates: Where to Begin
    Published January 2010
    In this white paper, Weber Marking Systems, Inc., explains why, if bar codes and other automatic-identification technologies have helped to improve the efficiencies of data accuracy and real-time information acquisition, RFID is also necessary for optimizing the supply chain. (8 pages)
  • AS5678: Progress in Spec 2000 for RFID Use in Aerospace and Defense
    Published June 2009
    ADR Advisors' Jim Del Rossi, Boeing's Ken Porad, Susan Jordan and Daryl Remily, and Sun Microsystems' Chris Meier and Andy Brown provide a brief context of RFID in the aerospace and defense sector, as well as the specifics of Spec 2000 and the requirements and tests unique to RFID usage in that industry, with an emphasis on testing and qualification of passive RFID tags for parts tracking, and the implications of life-limited parts. (12 pages)
  • Introduction to Dash7 Technologies
    Published March 2009
    Author J.P. Norair explores how the Dash7 Alliance is working to increase the market size for ultra-low-power wireless product lines by cultivating a global network of partners in that space. The new industry group is intent on expanding the use of active RFID technology based on the ISO 18000-7 standard across various industries and sectors. In this white paper—the first in a series—Norair addresses different aspects of Dash7's technological agenda, including technical overviews of low-power RF and the ISO 18000-7 standard, as well as supplemental usage of low-frequency (LF) RFID and real-time location systems (RTLS).
  • McAllister’s Law of RFID Mandate Compliance: The Key to Widespread RFID Adoption
    Published September 2008
    Clarke McAllister, chief technology officer of ADASA, examines suppliers' resistance to complying with tagging mandates from Wal-Mart, Sam's Club and others.
  • Integrating RFID Readers in Enterprise IT
    Published August 2008
    Christian Floerkemeier of MIT's Auto-ID Labs offers an overview of intra-organizational RFID system services and architectures, and also compares emerging standards developed by the EPCglobal community that aim to standardize system interfaces and reader protocols in RFID deployments.
  • Complying With FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to RFID
    Published April 2006
    This white paper from Magellan Technology calls on EPCglobal to make sure, when selecting and defining new air interfaces, that human exposure levels are properly considered in its deliberations.
  • A Comparison of RFID Frequencies and Protocols
    Published March 2006
    This white paper from Magellan Technology details key specifics of the Mode 2 functionality of HF and gives illustrative examples. It also compares this new technology with earlier technologies, such as UHF and LF.
  • Zebra's RFID Readiness Guide: Complying With RFID Tagging Mandates
    Published November 2005
    Submitted by Zebra Technologies, this white paper provides an overview of RFID technology, standards and specifications available for compliance tagging. It also provides an overview of compliance tagging and steps to implementing a system including application planning, infrastructure evaluation, testing and operation.
  • Gen 2: There's Standard, and Then There's Excellence
    Published October 2005
    John Burnell of Intermec examines Gen 2 RFID technology's development path, illustrating the difference between what Gen 2 specifies and the range of performance compliant Gen 2 products could provide.
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