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Security White Papers

  • RSA Algorithm as a Data Security Control Mechanism in RFID
    Published January 2015
    Researcher Jonathan Sangoro explains how information security and privacy issues can be avoided when deploying a radio frequency identification system, by using an RSA algorithm to mitigate the challenges. (5 pages)
    Tags: Security
  • Enhancement of Security in RFID Using RSA Algorithm
    Published November 2014
    Jonathan Sangoro, Professor Waweru Mwangi and Dr. Michael Kimwele of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology's School of Computing and Information Technology address the security challenges of RFID by proposing a Rivest Shamir Aldeman (RSA) algorithm as a viable solution to encrypting data over transmission and authenticating readers and tags.
  • The Need for Global Standards and Solutions to Combat Counterfeiting
    Published November 2013
    This white paper, from GS1, provides insights into the increasing threats posed by counterfeit and illicit trade, and outlines how the organization's global standards, services and solutions can play a vital role in counteracting the problem. The report highlights key emerging trends and deceptive practices, and discusses how to secure global supply chains against the threats of counterfeit goods, through greater visibility, traceability and transparency. (24 pages)
  • Smart Card Technology and the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace
    Published July 2013
    The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) is a White House initiative to improve on the credentials currently used to access the Internet and authenticate identity online. This white paper, from the Smart Card Alliance, reviews the NSTIC's initiatives and discusses how smart-card technology can provide the advanced credentialing capabilities necessary to enable high assurance in the NSTIC identity ecosystem. Smart cards come in a variety of form factors—including plastic cards, USB devices and secure elements that can be embedded in mobile or other devices—and can be either contact (communicating with a reader through direct physical contact) or contactless (communicating via an RFID air-interface protocol, such as ISO 14443). (23 pages)
    Tags: Security
  • Intrusion Detection with Radio Frequency Identification
    Published March 2013
    Ever since the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, there has been a significant increase in the number of intrusions and acts of international terrorism. Although a large amount of time, effort and money has been budgeted to such agencies as the Department of Homeland Security, attempts to protect individuals and property have not lessened the threat. With that in mind, Kenneth B. Cecil presents his patent for a system to overcome the shortcomings of older technologies, by utilizing passive RFID proximity microchips to precisely locate intrusions regardless of the structural material to which they are attached or in which they are embedded. RFID detection technology, Cecil reports, represents the most cost-effective and reliable way to securely detect illegal intrusion activity on hard surfaces and fences. (9 pages)
    Tags: Security
  • Physical Access Card Systems: Yesterday and Today
    Published October 2011
    This white paper, written by security analyst Dave Kearns, is designed to assist organizations in recognizing the limitations of their legacy proximity card-based building-access systems, and offers a secure, standards-based approach to modernizing building security.
    Tags: Security
  • The Commercial Identity Verification (CIV) Credential—Leveraging FIPS 201 and the PIV Specifications: Is the CIV Credential Right for You?
    Published October 2011
    The Smart Card Alliance explains how enterprises can take advantage of FIPS 201 (a set of technical standards and issuance policies that create the federal infrastructure required to deploy and support an identity credential that can be used and trusted across all federal agencies) and the PIV credential specifications, to implement a standards-based identity credentialing program. This white paper discusses benefits, best practices and technical requirements, and provides a set of reference documents to assist corporations in establishing a secure, reliable, electronically verifiable identity program. (26 pages)
    Tags: Security
  • Securing Edge Devices
    Published February 2011
    These days, most commerce is global, communication and information technologies connect the remotest locations into worldwide networks, and there are ever-increasing means of accessing and manipulating data on the Internet, such as smartphones, PDAs and tablets. These new (and often small) resource-constrained devices can be very difficult to secure, and may not always permit traditional IT security to operate efficiently. Revere Security's Hanns-Christian Hanebeck examines how to secure several types of edge devices, ranging from smart power meters to industrial control systems and RFID tags. (5 pages)
    Tags: Security
  • Data Center Re-architecture With RFID
    Published August 2010
    Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations mandate that all companies maintaining sensitive data such as financial and health records not only prove they own their own equipment, but also have complete control over equipment content security. Xerafy explains how RFID can help address the challenge of conducting inventory in the metal-rich environment of a data center. (3 pages)
    Tags: Security
  • Underappreciated and Unheralded: 433 MHz RFID Vehicle ID, Gated Entry, Asset and Personnel Tracking Applications
    Published July 2010
    Douglas L. Cram of cramZ Marketing Services explains why he believes the 433 MHz frequency holds the key to increased levels of security, customer satisfaction, return on investment and profitability with regarding to applications involving vehicle identification, gated entry, and the tracking of assets and personnel. (3 pages)
    Tags: Security
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