RFPs for Oct. 4, 2014

By TendersInfo

Polish agency seeks RFID-based hospital laundry-tracking solution; French organization requires system for identifying cows, pigs and goats.

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Details of Today's Requests for Proposals:

RFID-based Hospital-Management System.
Bidding Type: International Competitive Bidding
Financier Country: Poland
Description: Bids are invited for an RFID-based solution to monitor laundry services at a hospital, including transport, equipment rental and identification.
Organization: Specjalistyczny Szpital Im. E. Szczeklika W Tarnowie
Client Address: Ul. Szpitalna 13 33-100 Tarnw Contact point: Budynek Dyrekcji ul. Szpitalna 13 pokj nr 11. For the attention of Zofia Nytko, Poland.
URL: www.ssz.tar.pl
Telephone: +48- 146310341
Fax: +48- 146310337
E-mail: zamowienia@ssz.tar.pl
Tender Notice Number: 332262-2014
Deadline: Nov. 6, 2014

Electronic Identification System for Cows, Pigs and Goats
Bidding Type: International Competitive Bidding
Financier Country: France
Description: Tenders are invited for the provision of official benchmarks and electronic identification, as well as conventional and associated equipment, for bovine, ovine and caprine species.
Organization: Chambre D~Agriculture Loire-Atlantique
Client Address: Rue Pierre Adolphe Bobierre la Graudire, 44939 Nantes, Cedex 9, France
URL: demat@loire-atlantique.chambagri.fr
Telephone: +33 253466294
Tender Notice Number: 334966-2014
Deadline: Nov. 12, 2014

The deadline mentioned is the submission last date. There may be earlier deadlines that bidders may also need to respond to in order to remain in the competition. Hence, bidders are requested to read the tender notices very carefully.