RFPs for Nov. 4, 2015

By TendersInfo

Brazilian ministry requests vehicle-ID system for tolls and parking; Norwegian agency seeks RFID solution for light-rail use; Pakistani medical educational facility requires RFID-based attendance-tracking system.

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Details of Today’s Requests for Proposals:

Vehicle-Identification Tags for Tolls and Parking
Bidding Type: International Competitive Bidding
Financier Country: Brazil
Description: Tenders are invited for a contracting entity to provide technology for tolls and parking using vehicle-ID transponders (tags).
Organization: Ministério do Desenvolvimento Agrário
Client Address: Rua Brasilio Machado, 203 – 7º Andar, Santa Cecilia, São Paulo, Brazil
URL: www.comprasnet.gov.br
Telephone: 1138238568
Fax: 1138238510
Tender Notice Number: 24/2015
Deadline: Nov. 13, 2015

RFID System for Light-Rail Use
Bidding Type: International Competitive Bidding
Financier Country: Norway
Description: An announcement of competition has been issued for a light-rail development including the acquisition of an RFID system designed for the automatic identification of vehicles, parts and equipment at designated points in a repository. The collected information will be transferred to a data-processing system connected to enterprise resource planning software.
Organization: Hordaland Fylkeskommune
Client Address: 5020 Bergen NO Kontaktperson: Ole W. Mortensen, Norway
URL: www.bybanen-utbygging.no
E-mail: cecilie.thiis@hfk.no
Tender Notice Number: 2015-121611
Deadline: Dec. 3, 2015

RFID-based Attendance-Tracking System
Bidding Type: International Competitive Bidding
Financier Country: Pakistan
Description: Tenders are invited for the supply of an RFID solution for attendance monitoring, including a production database server, production weblogic servers and an RFID server.
Organization: Medical Teaching Institution, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar
Client Address: Peshawar City, Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, Pakistan
URL: www.lrh.gov.pk
Telephone: +92-9211430/39
Fax: +92-9211401
E-mail: info@lrh.gov.com
Deadline: Nov. 17, 2015

The deadline mentioned is the submission last date. There may be earlier deadlines that bidders may also need to respond to in order to remain in the competition. Hence, bidders are requested to read the tender notices very carefully.