RFPs for Mar. 4, 2016

By TendersInfo

Spanish library issues contract notice for RFID system at new headquarters; French university seeks implementation and maintenance of RFID equipment.

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Details of Today’s Requests for Proposals:

RFID Library System
Bidding Type: International Competitive Bidding
Financier Country: Spain
Description: A contract notice has been issued for the supply and installation of an integrated system of RFID for use in a public library, to enable the transfer of bibliographic and audiovisual collections that the library has at its current site to its new headquarters. The system must identify and track funds at the library, as well as monitor the loaning and returning of books and audiovisual materials in an automated manner, and the protection thereof through an antitheft system.
Organization: Gerencia de Infraestructuras y Equipamientos
Client Address: Alfonso XII 3 y 5, 28014 Madrid, Spain, Contact point: Subdirección General de Contratación y Gestión Patrimonial
URL: www.mecd.gob.es/giec/
Telephone: +34-+49 915898895
Fax: +34-+49 915898633
E-mail: secretaria.sgcgp@mecd.es
Tender Notice Number: 72413-2016
Deadline: Apr. 25, 2016

RFID Library Equipment
Bidding Type: International Competitive Bidding
Financier Country: France
Description: Tenders are invited for the implementation and maintenance of RFID library equipment at the Sorbonne.
Organization: Paris-Sorbonne University
Client Address: 1, rue Victor Cousin, 75230 Paris, Cedex, France
URL: www.paris-sorbonne.fr
Telephone: +33- 01 40 46 33 10
Fax: +33-01 40 46 33 12
E-mail: commande-publique@paris-sorbonne.fr
Tender Notice Number: 16M04
Deadline: Mar. 28, 2016

The deadline mentioned is the submission last date. There may be earlier deadlines that bidders may also need to respond to in order to remain in the competition. Hence, bidders are requested to read the tender notices very carefully.