IoT Improves Visibility For Oil and Gas Companies

Oil and gas solutions company Flogistix has deployed a solution that provides sensor data on a 3D digital twin, with which mechanics can explore the conditions and operation of compressors or other equipment digitally, as well as provide remote remediation. The firm has been using an IoT-based solution for approximately five years that provides the firm with a view into the conditions of each of its vapor-recovery units (VRUs) and compressors wherever they may be deployed. The cloud-based system enables Flogistix and its maintenance personnel to view each asset’s conditions based on sensor data provided in a digital twin. With the new technology, Flogistix can now view a greater amount of sensor information, including the direction of flow through each compressor. Learn how 3D digital-twin technology provides greater visual access to the conditions in and around each asset and enables Flogistix to identify and prevent problems before they can occur.
Speaker: Jerred Wilson, CTO, Flogistix