Blockchain Offers Secure Supply Chains and Brand Value Through NFTs

AIM has previously explored the use of blockchain in securing supply chain provenance for everything from apparel to electric vehicle batteries, fresh produce and sustainability compliance validation. NFTs have now added another layer to this technology positioned to underpin future Web 3 interactions, with some of the world’s largest brands investing in the technology. The connection of the physical to the logical worlds has never been so relevant. AIDC technologies will play a key role in the world wide web of objects further adding to the trust and bringing enhanced brand value propositions. AIM has put together an expert panel to share their experiences and challenges in utilizing blockchain applications with AIDC technologies, such as IoT and RFID, and to discuss how blockchain can improve traceability.
Amir Khoshniyati, General Manager and Vice President, Transponder Business (and Healthcare Task Force Chair, NFC Forum), Identiv
Jeanne Duckett, Chairperson, AIM North America
Mark Manning, Founder & CEO, iTRACE Technologies