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Retail White Papers

  • Data-Collection Solutions Are No Longer Optional: Technology Adoption Survey Results
    Published November 2013
    Supply Chain Services and Motorola Solutions asked DC Velocity and Supply Chain Quarterly to conduct a survey of their readerships, regarding the current and future uses of automated data-collection solutions. Companies across multiple industries responded, with manufacturing, wholesale distribution, warehousing, transportation and retail companies most represented. In this white paper, Richard J. Sherman, the president of Gold & Domas Research, interprets the surveys' findings. (11 pages)
  • Improving Efficiency in the Research Lab With RFID Smart Rooms
    Published May 2013
    Most retailers achieve only about 65 percent inventory accuracy on a given day, which means one-third of all decisions are made based on inaccurate data. Terso Solutions' Keith Hoffman discusses an automated solution called the Smart Stockroom that allows authorized personnel to enter a large storage room, peruse the aisles until finding the required items and then automatically check them out. The checkout process occurs in an instant, whether involving a single product or dozens of complex reagents or chemical products worth thousands of dollars. This item-level RFID tagging system can help retailers overcome many obstacles, pushing inventory accuracy up toward 99 percent. (8 pages)
  • RFID: A Competitive Differentiator for Brand Owners and Suppliers
    Published May 2013
    Chain-wide rollouts by a number of North America's largest clothing retailers are a sign that RFID technology will soon be broadly adopted by the industry. This white paper, from SML, provides brand owners and suppliers with a high-level understanding of how RFID can help them. The report outlines key benefits that can be achieved, and how they can be incorporated into the supply chain. (7 pages)
    Tags: Retail
  • RFID Omnichannel Superstar
    Published May 2013
    RFID technology is an increasingly important enabler of omnichannel retailing. Especially important to apparel retailers is item-level RFID, in which RFID tags are attached to individual garments. Commonly integrated into a product's hangtag or pricing label, the tags are read by handheld or fixed RFID readers, providing real-time inventory visibility throughout the supply chain. Motorola explains how the system enables store management, sales associates and customers to have accurate, real-time product location and availability data. (13 pages)
  • Transforming the Customer Experience With RFID
    Published May 2013
    Despite the explosion of online choices, customers still value seeing and touching merchandise firsthand, an experience only available to them in a brick-and-mortar store. When retailers add the cutting-edge benefits of radio frequency identification technology to that unique advantage, they help close the all-too-common gaps in service, information and inventory of traditional retail, and open greater opportunities for sales and customer satisfaction. Motorola explains how RFID empowers retailers, elevating shopping into an enriching and positive experience. (9 pages)
  • The Explosion of Retail Item-Level RFID: A Foundation for the Retail Revolution
    Published April 2013
    This white paper, authored by ChainLink Research's Bill McBeath in collaboration with Tagsys, provides a comprehensive overview of what to look for in an end-to-end item-level inventory implementation. It uses Tagsys' holistic system approach, with its FiTS integrated hardware and software offering, as well as real-world experiences from retailers and logistics suppliers, such as Port Logistics Group, to outline best practices for deploying a system that maximizes the benefits of RFID-based inventory management. (24 pages)
  • Fully Stocked Shoe Floor Lets Lord & Taylor Capture More Sales
    Published January 2013
    In the fast-changing, high-turnover fashion arena, hot items fly off the shelves. Unless a display floor is quickly and properly stocked, the next potential sales opportunity can be lost. At Lord & Taylor's flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York, thousands of shoe styles and colors are on display. Sales associates worked hard to keep up with restocking, but a complete display inventory required associates to physically touch every shoe to capture its bar code, so compliance could only be performed weekly. High traffic and sales compounded the problem: As more shoes were sold, more display samples ended up missing, and workers were too busy serving customers to review and restock. In this case study, Motorola explains how it helped the retailer address these issues.
    Tags: Retail
  • RFID: From Marginal to Mainstream
    Published January 2013
    Radio frequency identification is becoming increasingly pervasive, particularly in fashion, but not all major retailers have adopted solutions. When it comes to RFID, a little bit of technology makes a big difference, including increased sales and other efficiencies. Nordic ID examines how integrating RFID with inventory management and point-of-sale systems can increase reordering accuracy, and whether the technology has yet reached the tipping point. (6 pages)
    Tags: Retail
  • Three Uses for RFID in Retail Kiosks
    Published February 2012
    Steve Arel, a contributing writer for KioskMarketplace.com, explains how radio frequency identification tags at kiosks can increase checkout speed, make it easier to use loyalty cards and increase the integration of social media with the retail experience. (4 pages)
    Tags: Retail
  • The Benefits of Deploying Multifunction Kiosks
    Published February 2012
    Richard Slawsky, a contributing editor for KioskMarketplace.com, explains how integrating several applications into a single kiosk can help companies achieve cost savings and greater efficiency, while also opening up multiple revenue streams. (3 pages)
    Tags: Retail
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