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Retail Editor's Note

  • Marks & Spencer Leads the Way

    The world's largest item-level apparel retail RFID deployment shows the technology's value.

  • Consumers Want RFID

    As privacy concerns are addressed, consumers are beginning to seek radio frequency identification solutions to track their belongings, connect with friends and improve city services.

  • Push-Button Inventory

    We are getting closer to the day when a company can push a button and obtain an accurate inventory count.

  • RFID's Role in Food Safety

    With the U.S. Food and Drug Administration taking a more aggressive role in preventing outbreaks of food-borne illnesses, it might be time for growers to embrace new technology.

  • The Way Forward

    For RFID technology to truly deliver on its promise, industries must come together and agree on standards.

  • RFID in a Growing Economy

    More companies are deploying radio frequency identification, but they need to look beyond single projects that deliver an ROI and plan an enterprise-wide approach enabling multiple benefits.

  • Bloomingdale's and Others Say RFID Works

    Early adopters conducted many tests to prove that it does, which means companies considering the technology can focus on the business benefits it will likely deliver.

  • Retailers Cite RFID in Year-End Financial Reports

    American Apparel and Sears are two companies that have let shareholders know they are investing in radio frequency identification.

  • Watch What You Eat

    The horsemeat scandal engulfing Europe is evidence that the global food supply chain is just too complex to monitor without RFID and other technologies.

  • Predictions for RFID in 2013

    It will be another year of steady progress and consolidation.

  • 2012: A Year of Progress

    End users rolled out new RFID applications and expanded existing deployments, the technology continued to improve, and there were some major acquisitions.

  • About Honeywell's Purchase of Intermec

    It's a sign of the RFID market's growth, as well as of a potential battle for 'gorilla' status in the reader market.

  • RFID in Brazil

    RFID Journal's inaugural event in that country revealed great enthusiasm for the technology.

  • The Value of End-User Case Studies

    Events that feature presentations about real-world RFID deployments can help you solve business problems, as well as provide insights into how the technology can benefit you in ways you never thought of.

  • Learning From the Experts

    Highlights from the recent RFID Journal LIVE! Europe event, held last week in Oslo, show that the technology can deliver benefits in many ways.

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