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Retail Editor's Note

  • RFID By Any Other Name

    Some RFID solution providers don’t want to use the term “radio frequency identification” because it has gotten a bad rap, but that’s a self-limiting strategy.

  • Digital Transformation Must Be Wholistic

    Companies that apply digital technologies to parts of their business are creating new silos that will limit their competitiveness.

  • Inventory Accuracy Without RFID?

    Some software providers are promising to improve retailers' inventory accuracy. Here's why algorithms alone won't work.

  • RFID Is the First Step Toward Digital Transformation

    Companies that want to be truly digital—and truly efficient and effective, and take advantage of advances in artificial intelligence—need to deploy radio frequency identification technologies. Here's why.

  • What Does "Digital Transformation" Really Mean?

    Like "Internet of Things," the term is often undefined, or is defined very differently by various so-called experts. Here's what digital transformation is all about.

  • RFID as a Strategic Tool

    The technology can do a lot more than tell you where your parts containers are located, yet most companies are not taking full advantage of it.

  • Why More Retailers Haven't Invested in RFID

    Is it that they don't understand the value of the technology, are afraid to take risks, or have other priorities?

  • Is Video a Threat to RFID?

    Amazon Go is using video, which has great potential to work with RFID—but here's why the technology cannot replace radio frequency identification.

  • Update from NRF's Big Show

    Several RFID companies exhibited new solutions at the event that were aimed at retailers.

  • Déjà Vu at NRF's Big Show 2018

    As in years past, exhibitors were touting solutions that require retailers to adopt RFID before they will be effective.

  • The Best Retail RFID Deployment

    It's difficult to compare deployments by different retailers, but Marks & Spencer is certainly a company that others should look to emulate.

  • How Will U.S. Companies Spend Their Tax Cut?

    The tax rate for businesses has been cut to 21 percent, from 39.1 percent, giving profitable firms a nice windfall; smart companies will invest in technologies such as RFID.

  • Sports, Technology and the Future of Management

    Managers of sports teams are being fired for not embracing data analytics. Are business managers next?

  • Algorithm (and RFID) Aversion

    People often do not trust technology to give them the right information or answers—even when the technology is clearly better than humans.

  • Leading Indicators of RFID Trends

    More apparel manufacturers, bar-code resellers and investors are signing up for RFID Journal's electronic newsletters. Here's what that means for the industry.

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