Would NFC and UHF Chips on a Single RFID Card Be Problematic?

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Ask The ExpertsWould NFC and UHF Chips on a Single RFID Card Be Problematic?
RFID Journal Staff asked 5 years ago

My company attended the RFID Journal LIVE! Europe conference in 2018 and we would like to use a single RFID card for multiple purposes. Specifically, we want to put an NFC chip and a UHF chip on a card measuring 35 millimeters by 65 millimeters (1.4 inches by 2.6 inches). The different chips would serve different purposes: the NFC chip would be scanned by an NFC reader, while the UHF chip would be read by handheld and fixed readers. My question is this: Would the two chips on the single card corrupt each other? And would the different readers become confused by the two chips?




It is certainly possible to do this. NFC transponders are high-frequency devices and use electromagnetic coupling to communicate with the reader. Passive UHF devices employ backscatter to communicate with the reader, so there will be no confusion. There are companies that make dual-frequency cards. Back in 2013, Bristol ID Technologies introduced such cards at our RFID Journal LIVE! conference (see Bristol ID Announces Dual-Frequency and Asset-Tracking Tags).

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

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