Who Offers Software for BLE Inventory Tracking?


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Bradley Yakam asked 1 year ago

I am looking for a company that can provide hardware and/or software for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) inventory tracking. I have found a firm that can provide hardware, but they don't do the software. Can you suggest someone that can provide software for BLE inventory tracking?


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BLE for inventory tracking is still relatively nascent compared to UHF RFID, but there are companies that offer solutions in this area. One to consider is HID Global, which has a wide reach that includes both BLE hardware and software. Silicon Labs, as well as Link Labs, offers BLE solutions, and Nexite is a more recent company that offers BLE solutions for retailers. Wiliot, meanwhile, makes passive BLE sensors and has a variety of partners it might be able to recommend as well.

Claire Swedberg
Senior Editor
RFID Journal

Shreyans replied 1 year ago

Hi Bradley,

If you are still searching for a software provider for BLE, we can help you. You can reach out to us at rfid@ecartes.in

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