Who Makes Inexpensive Tag-Acquisition Processors?


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Darren Reist asked 1 year ago

I inherited an inventory system that uses Quake Global's EasyTap tag-acquisition processor, acting as a middleware and hub for all Impinj readers connected to the system. This product is extremely expensive, and it doesn't look like its extensive feature set is necessary for what we are trying to do. Do you know of a simpler, cheaper alternative to EasyTap? Or are people just rolling their own for this function?


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You can, in fact, replace EasyTap with another type of middleware, but what you select would depend somewhat on how you need to use the reader. RFID consultant Joe Hoerl offers some suggestions. One would be Impinj's ItemSense, since you already have an Impinj reader. This software can handle the lower-level function and also has similar feature sets to EasyTap. Additionally, Avancir is a new software suite from Atlas RFID, which provides modules so you can buy exactly what you want and nothing extra. Another option would be ViziTrace's solution, which is similar to EasyTag and includes a third-party middleware platform and asset-tracking suite. Good luck!

Claire Swedberg
Senior Editor
RFID Journal

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