Where Can I Obtain a Suitable Partner for Our Project?


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Frederik Merten asked 2 years ago

Whom might I contact to manufacture a small number of sample biochips that would be fully biodegradable from body-inert materials and connect a sensor sleeve and antenna as a 3D-bioprint, in order to test the dummy in a beta experiment trial before animal models are planned? How high would costs be for 5, 50 and 500 units of the entire array approximately, and which simulation and calculations would you recommend in advance prior to initial production? Which limiting factors for urgent scalability would need to be resolved accordingly? Thank you very much for suggesting a suitable partner for the project and providing brief explanations.


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I am unfamiliar with any RFID chips that are certified as biodegradable. I spoke with some technologists in the industry who all indicated the same, so you may be ahead of current innovation on this question. You could try reaching out to some ecofriendly tag producers that have done some early work in this area. One recommendation might be Identiv. Best of luck!

Claire Swedberg
Senior Editor
RFID Journal


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