Where Can I Find RFID Tags and Wi-Fi Readers for Tires?

By RFID Journal

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Ask The ExpertsWhere Can I Find RFID Tags and Wi-Fi Readers for Tires?
RFID Journal Staff asked 10 years ago

Do any companies make Wi-Fi RFID tags specifically for this application?

—Name withheld


I am unaware of any Wi-Fi RIFD tags or readers designed specifically for tracking tires. Generally speaking, Wi-Fi RFID tags are fairly large, as they house a battery and a printed circuit board. Most companies use passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) transponders and readers to track them. Here are some articles that might be of interest as you pursue a tire-tracking solution:

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Dutch Tire Company Bonds EPC Tags to Retreads

Michelin Uses RFID to Track Tire Pressure and Tread for London Bus Company

Goodyear Dunlop Europe Plans RFID Trials for Bus Tires

British Touring Car Championship Tracks Tires

RFID Tracks Tires at NASCAR

Michelin Embeds RFID Tags in Tires

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

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