Where Can I Find Articles About the Use of RFID in the Automotive Industry?

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Ask The ExpertsWhere Can I Find Articles About the Use of RFID in the Automotive Industry?
RFID Journal Staff asked 9 years ago

Any help would be appreciated.

—Name withheld


We have published many articles regarding the use of radio frequency identification in this sector, covering many different applications. Listed below are several examples:

RFID-based Automotive Network Project Achieves Its Goals
Some project partners, including Bosch, plan to take the results of the RAN project into the operational phase.

Nissan Europe Uses RFID-enabled Social Media to Drive Consumer Interest
Passive UHF RFID technology provided by Dwinq has enabled Nissan fans at motor shows and other events to link pictures, "likes" and other media on Facebook and Twitter.

Metal Fastener Company Improves Production With RFID
Nedschroef, a Dutch manufacturer of metal fasteners for the automobile industry, tracks information regarding 4,500 metal containers filled with as many as 100,000 nuts.

Volkswagen Slovakia Gains Efficiency in Its Finishing Process
At its plant in Bratislava, the carmaker has deployed Identec Solutions' active RFID tags, readers and position markers so it can identify when vehicles enter and exit various servicing stations, as well as prevent Bottlenecks.

Continental Tire Plant Increases Productivity, Reduces Waste
After installing AeroScout Wi-Fi-based RFID tags and RTLS software, the company's French factory is producing 5,000 more tires per day, while decreasing waste of materials by 20 percent.

Daimler Sees Potential Benefits of Using RFID to Track Quality-Control
Having completed several successful test deployments, the carmaker is now in the process of installing RTLS hardware and passive EPC tags across one of its plant's quality-assurance areas.

10 Fields Automotive Dealerships to Adopt RFID
The MyDealerLot solution, using passive UHF radio frequency identification technology, enables the dealerships' maintenance and sales staff to greet customers personally, and provide more efficient service.

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America Hopes to Save Costs Through RFID
The manufacturer of automotive electrical parts is working with Midtronics to introduce a system that uses radio frequency identification to guide workers through maintenance and diagnostic procedures, and records results on RFID tags attached to trucks and components.

Automotive Groups Agree on RFID Guidelines for RTIs
The multinational Joint Automotive Industry Forum is about to release a set of requirements and recommendations for implementing RFID technology to track returnable transport items—the reusable containers used by that sector.

Glass-Fiber Cord Maker Extends RFID's Benefits to Its Customers
NGF Europe is writing RFID data on tags attached to the spools of glass-fiber cord that it makes, allowing the company to track production, and enabling its automotive customers to access product information encoded to the tags.

BAS Trucks Deploys RTLS to Drive Efficiency
The European truck company is installing a system from Zebra Enterprise Solutions to track where each of its vehicles is located, and to monitor how long it takes to go through such services as washing and repair.

Iveco to Expand RFID System for Managing Replacement Parts
The truck and bus manufacturer is using EPC Gen 2 tags to process the receipt, picking and shipping of replacement parts, and to guarantee their authenticity.

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

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