Where Can I Find an RFID Reader That Would Meet All of My Needs?


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Ask The ExpertsWhere Can I Find an RFID Reader That Would Meet All of My Needs?
Yucheng Ju asked 3 years ago

I seek a reader with the following characteristics: 1) uses an open OS (Linux or Android) and can accommodate a customized application; 2) is a UHF RFID reader with a reading distance of more than 1 square meter; 3) has a 4G modem built-in, capable of communicate via 4G; 4) is rugged and able to run in a public transport environment (on a bus); 5) has low power consumption and can use the bus's power supply; 6) optionally, can also read EMV (PCI compliance) and close-loop smart card (MIFARE DESFire and Ultralight C). Could you please recommend some suppliers offering the above RFID reader product?


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There is no RFID reader that would meet all of your criteria because passive UHF readers cannot read MIFARE smart cards. MIFARE cards operate at 13.56 MHz, whereas passive UHF readers communicate with tags operating at 856 MHz to 960 MHz.

Mark Roberti
Founder and Editor
RFID Journal


Harley replied 4 years ago

Other than the MIFARE Smart Card reader, Seeonic can meet the remaining characteristics you need. We also have a serial port on our SightWare reader which may be able to connect to the MIFARE reader (www.seeonic.com).

Yucheng Ju replied 4 years ago

Hi Mark

Thanks for your response.

I can remove the requirement 6 (EMV/NFC) from the picture.

I found product like Chainway URA8 and P80 tablet are compliance with most of other requirements.

I would like to know if there other products similar to these product which you can recommend to me.

Yucheng Ju

Marketing replied 3 years ago

Yucheng, we can provide this kind of UHF RFID Reader except for requirement 6, my email is thomas@crepak.com and you can contact me for more details, alternatively, please share your email address so that I can send the introduction.

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