What RFID Tags Can Be Used to Monitor Material Movement?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsWhat RFID Tags Can Be Used to Monitor Material Movement?
Albert Chen asked 3 years ago

We have two warehouses. One is for manufacturing and the other is for storage and shipping, and material moves from one to the other on pallets. We are looking for reusable passive RFID tags that can be mounted on pallets and be tracked using RFID readers, so that when our shipping department is looking for a specific pallet, they can use a reader to locate it. Once material is shipped, we can return the tags to manufacturing for reuse. I seek an off-the shelf system if that's possible. I've contacted several venders, but they are all focused on asset tracking instead of material movement. Any suggestions?


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Vizinex recently introduced a tag that can be affixed to pallets for this kind of tracking application (see  Vizinex RFID Adds Tags for Tracking Containers, Pallets). Other companies that might have something that would meet your needs include  Confidex, HID Global, Metalcraft, Omni-ID, Syrma Technology, Tadbik and  The Tag Factory. Companies such as  Aware Innovations, Portable Technology Solutions, RFID Global Solution, SimplyRFID and  Vista IT Systems should be able to assist you with setting up the readers and software necessary to capture data regarding the pallets' movements.

Mark Roberti
Founder and Editor
RFID Journal


Leri replied 3 years ago

Dear Albert! Yes, I have such a ready-made solution. You will be able to see everything in real time and where exactly items are located and have reports.

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