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Rich Handley Staff asked 4 weeks ago
For example, is there an RFID or beam-steerable phased-array antenna that could be used to track a passive tag from a satellite via a smart phone? You may have read about voluntary RFID implants in countries such as Sweden, but I assume those implants wouldn’t be strong enough to emit a signal that would be traceable from a satellite or smartphone 80 feet away. I had an RFID implant, but I forget which part of my body it was implanted in. Do you know of any handheld device which I could wave over my body to detect the presence of an RFID implant, and where such a scanner could be purchased? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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There are beam-steerable phased-array antennas that can read a standard passive UHF RFID tag from about 600 feet. If you used a tag with an extra-large antenna, you could maybe get to 1,000 feet. There is no way to read a tag from a satellite. It is simply impossible.

It is like a balloon that you and I both hold together in our hands. I squeeze the balloon in Morse code, and you can feel the changes in the balloon and thus read the code. The size of this balloon is determined by the size of the loops in the reader and tag antennas, as well as the amount of energy. Generally speaking, you would not be able to read a tag from more than a few inches away, though if you had a really big loop in the reader antenna, you could get it up to a few feet.


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