What Is the Best RFID Training?

By RFID Journal

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Ask The ExpertsWhat Is the Best RFID Training?
RFID Journal Staff asked 6 years ago

What would you recommend from all the courses available?




We have not sat through all the RFID training courses available. There aren't that many, but we have not been given the opportunity to review specific training courses, so we can't really state which is "best." That being said, we have been working with RFID4U to offer training courses in conjunction with our events and are very pleased with the quality of the training that RFID4U provides. I have sat through the course on several occasions and have found the material to be presented in a clear, well-organized manner. All of the feedback we have received from those who have trained with RFID4U as part of our events have been pleased.

We will be offering training as part of our upcoming RFID Journal LIVE! Europe event, which will take place in London on Nov. 16 (training is on Nov. 15) and our RFID in Aerospace and Defense event, which will be held on Dec. 13, with training on Dec. 12. These courses will provide an overview of all types of RFID systems and are designed to help participants pass the RFID Professional Institute's Associate Certification Exam. The courses will help you understand the differences between active, passive and battery-assisted systems, so that you can determine the right technology for a specific application.

There are one or two other companies out there that also offer training. Some focus on Near Field Communication (NFC), a form of passive high-frequency RFID. As I said, we have not sat through these and cannot provide any insights into how good they might be.

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

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