What Is the Best RFID Company to Invest In?

By RFID Journal

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Ask The ExpertsWhat Is the Best RFID Company to Invest In?
RFID Journal Staff asked 4 years ago

Could you please recommend some pure-play RFID firms?




I am not a financial adviser, so I really am unable to answer your question. I will say this, though: There are not many pure-play RFID companies that you can invest in. Impinj went public in July of last year and is probably one of best-known pure-play RFID companies that you can invest in. There are some smaller companies, such as SuperCom.

There are a number of companies in the RFID market that are publicly traded, but RFID is only a portion of their business (in some cases, a small portion).

Zebra Technologies acquired Motorola‘s RFID and bar-code business in 2014 (see Zebra Buys Motorola Solutions’ Enterprise Business). The companies do not break out the percentage of revenue that comes from bar-code hardware vs RFID hardware, but my guess is that it is less than half.

NXP Semiconductors is also publicly traded. It manufacturers microcontrollers and microchips used in automobiles, media and audio processing, signal chain and other applications, in addition to RFID.

Avery Dennison is another important RFID company. Its label business is huge; RFID is a small but growing portion of its revenue.

There are other examples, but you get the point.

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

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