What Companies Offer RFID-based Toll-Collection Solutions?


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HAMEEDUL HANEEZ asked 3 years ago

We would like to implement a cashless system involving RFID, similar to  SALIK for RTA Dubai, for one of our clients. Can you suggest a suitable system and manufacturer? Here are my contact details: H. Hameedul Haneez, Senior Manager, MOBISAT IT SOLUTION, P.O. Box 11745, Dubai, U.A.E. Phone: 00971 (55) 800 65 99 or 00971 (4) 334 4778. Skype ID: hameedulhaneez. E- mail: hameed@mobisat.ae or hameedul@gmail.com.

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H. Hameedul,

There are a number of companies that offer RFID-based toll-collection systems. Among the largest are  TransCore and  Kapsch TrafficCom. Many toll-collection agencies use active RFID transponders to ensure 100 percent read reliability, though with recent improvements in passive UHF RFID technology, there has been a growing movement to use less expensive passive systems (see  Efforts to Aid Adoption of ISO 18000-6C RFID for Toll Collection Move Forward). A wide variety of companies can provide the tags and readers required for a passive UHF RFID system. For a list of more companies that provide complete systems, see  Which Companies Offer RFID Toll-collection Systems?.

Mark Roberti
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