Is the FM11RF08 RFID Chip Safer than the MIFARE Classic?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsIs the FM11RF08 RFID Chip Safer than the MIFARE Classic?
Mark Watney asked 1 year ago

The cloning of an NXP MIFARE Classic RFID card containing data protected by keys to a Magic card with the Proxmark3 tool is both impressive and scary. Does a list exist for all RFID card types that can be cloned to a Magic card, even if they contain data protected by keys, using the Proxmark3? I am especially interested in the Fudan FM11RF08 RFID chip, which is said to be highly compatible with the MIFARE Classic card and uses 3PASS authentication. Am I right that the use of CRYPTO1 by the MIFARE Classic is responsible for it being that easy to clone? I am not sure if the FM11RF08 also uses CRYPTO1.


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The fact is that NFC ICs do come with some cloning risk. The NFC protocol itself does not offer specific anti-cloning features, and thus there are inherent risks related to the chips you mention. I took your question directly to NXP, which provided this comment: "Following the broad acceptance of contactless ticketing solutions and extraordinary success of the MIFARE Classic product family, application requirements and security needs constantly increased. Therefore, we do not recommend using MIFARE Classic in security-relevant applications anymore. This led to the development of two high-security product families, MiFARE Plus and MiFARE DESFire, and to the development of the limited-use/high-volume IC family MiFARE Ultralight."

Claire Swedberg
Senior Editor
RFID Journal


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