Can RFID Count My Consignment Store Inventory?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsCan RFID Count My Consignment Store Inventory?
amy Ericksen asked 1 year ago
I have a furniture and art consignment store containing more than 6,000 items in inventory. I need a way to find a specific piece when I need it. RFID is the solution, I believe, but I need help determining which company would best suit my needs. I would like to use small, inexpensive and passive tags, if possible, along with a handheld locator device. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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There are a number of companies that can assist you with the software required and help you source the tags and handheld reader you need. I would recommend you reach out to RFID4U, a systems integrator located in Concord, Calif., as well as Portable Technology Solutions/Tracer Plus, in Calverton, N.Y. Both companies offer software solutions and are willing to work on smaller projects.

Mark Roberti
Founder and Editor
RFID Journal


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