How Much Would It Cost to RFID-Enable an Amusement Park?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsHow Much Would It Cost to RFID-Enable an Amusement Park?
Conlan Barton asked 1 year ago

I'm working on a marketing project and I need to estimate the cost for an installation of RFID wristband payment methods and check-in stations for said wristbands at rides that can automatically hold a place in that line. The amusement park in question is Canobie Lake Park, in Salem, N.H., and I was wondering how much an estimate on an installation of RFID scanners on the total amount of rides, restaurants and private food trucks around the park would theoretically be.


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As you might imagine, prices will vary a lot based on the technology provider, the volume of stations and wristbands used, and the kind of data management you opt for. I spoke with provider GoTab, which says a basic, public-facing display and payment terminal using RFID would average $1,000. Wristbands typically can cost about $1 or less apiece. The cost of an RFID reader used for a check-in station type of device can be quite low, but the software that manages the data will vary widely. These solutions are often provided as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

Claire Swedberg
Senior Editor
RFID Journal


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