How Can We Track Unique Digital Collectibles?


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Scott Curry asked 1 year ago

We are making a unique digital collectible and would like to have a method of friction-free onboarding using the tap-RFID concept. The chip would be on the inside of the product, and we would like it to be as thin and non-intrusive as possible. We would need to have each one leave the plant, then be able to be scanned and attached to a 1/1 relationship like a credit card. We'd like to know if there is anything being done specifically to tie into blockchain NFTs and smart contracts. We would like to get quotes for the right product, so any extra information would be super helpful. Any suggestions?


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It sounds like a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag might be best for this application. There have been some blockchain-style deployments using RFID or NFC, as well as companies that build technology for collectibles. We have previously written about Prova Group, for example (see RFID Gives Sports Memorabilia Stamp of Authenticity). I spoke with Identiv about your application, as the company develops unique, specialty and industrialized IoT- and RFID-enabled tags. Identiv told me it does have experience in collectibles and would want to know more about your requirements to determine whether or not it has something already developed that would work. Infineon and NXP Semiconductors may also provide tags that would work for your purposes.

Claire Swedberg
Senior Editor
RFID Journal

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