How Can We Get Our Products in Front of RFID Journal’s Audience?

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Ask The ExpertsHow Can We Get Our Products in Front of RFID Journal’s Audience?
RFID Journal Staff asked 8 years ago

We would like to expose our offerings on your website. How would we go about doing so?




There are a wide variety of options for getting your products in front of RFID Journal's audience. If you simply want to have your offerings appear in the Featured Products area, you can sign up for an RFID Connect listing and choose the Gold, Platinum or Elite package. The Elite package will give you the largest images and the highest position in the listings. You can also choose one of the following advertising options:

Run-of-site banner ads: These ads run on all pages of the website, giving you maximum exposure. They are a great way to build brand awareness. Of course, this is the most expensive option, since your ad will be shown all the time.

Targeted banner ads: We can target ads to readers based on their location (either by continent or country, or within the United States, by specific states). We can also show ads on specific areas of the site, such as the retail or manufacturing channel. For example, let's say you are a systems integrator in Germany focused on manufacturing solutions and only want to reach manufacturers in Germany. We can target your ads to people in Germany reading articles on our site about RFID in manufacturing.

We can target even more narrowly to hone in on people reading articles about a specific topic. Let's say that your focus is not just manufacturing, but automobile manufacturing. We can target ads to people in Germany reading only about the use of RFID in auto manufacturing plants. These ads are extremely cost-effective, since you pay only to reach those whom you most want to reach.

Text ads: We have also introduced text ads at the bottom of articles, on the search page and in our newsletters. "Laundry" is a common search term, so if you target text ads to this topic, they will appear whenever anyone reads an article about RFID's use in laundry or search our site for that term. Again, this approach is highly cost-effective.

Newsletter banner ads: We send out several email newsletters every month, including a weekly general-interest newsletter; vertical-industry newsletters covering the manufacturing, retail and health-care sectors; a European newsletter; a Portuguese-language newsletter for our Brazilian audience; and an IOT Journal newsletter. You can purchase banner ads for any or all of these newsletters, promoting your products.

We also offer webinars and virtual events, which are highly effective in promoting sponsors' solutions. I suggest you contact for pricing and other options.

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

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