How Can RFID Track Mobile Devices?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsHow Can RFID Track Mobile Devices?
Al Bryl asked 2 years ago

I joined RFID Journal to explore and discover possible RFID solutions for monitoring mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones. Where should a person start with this type of application? Our small project will test the RFID waters for a future larger project. Thank you for your time.


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Getting started with a small project is a great idea. You will want to first start testing out the technology on your assets. Many RFID companies offer test kits or samples of tags and handheld UHF RFID readers that you could use to determine the best products for your needs. Test not only the type of products, but also the placement of tags and how you will be reading them. Also test the durability under the conditions and in the environment to which the system will be exposed.

Another early question to ask yourself and your team is whether your own IT department will be able to provide the necessary software, or if you will need a solution provider to help you deploy. And always keep future growth in mind. If your system can manage RFID data related to audit counts or locating a small number of assets at a single location, how will you want the system to grow over time?

Claire Swedberg
Senior Editor
RFID Journal

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