How Can RFID Manage Our Shop Remotely?


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N M asked 3 months ago

I would like to track goods coming into and going out of a shop using RFID tags and readers, as well as send an alert to a remote server each time an item leaves the shop. The store is completely unautomated and I would prefer to keep it that way, so no computer would be available to connect the reader directly on the premises. Ideally, each time an item leaves the shop, the reader would send a notification to a remote location 1,008 kilometers away via a 4G cellular network. What reader and tags would be best for this setup? And how would it be best set up? Looking forward to your feedback.


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This use case is possible with readers from a variety of companies. For instance, Zebra Technologies sells an RFID reader with cellular connectivity and no hard-wire connection required. Hopeland sells such a reader as well, with a built-in Impinj RFID chip. You'd need to talk to a systems integrator or solutions provider about how to configure such as system. Either a reader could be deployed to forward data via 4G, or you could have a cabled connection to a dedicated gateway that would provide the same.

Claire Swedberg
Senior Editor
RFID Journal


Shreyans replied 1 year ago

Hello Nina,

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Hello Nina
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