How Can RFID Be Used for Contact Tracing?


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Mark Roberti Staff asked 3 years ago

During today's webinar, you mentioned a Singapore hospital using RFID technology for contact tracing during the SARS outbreak. Can you provide a link to that article?



Dear Christine,

We have published several articles that might be of interest, in addition to one about the Singapore hospital:

Singapore Fights SARS With RFID

Hospitals are tracking visitors, patients and staff so they can trace all of the people with whom a suspected SARS patient has had contact.

Toronto General Hospital Uses RTLS to Reduce Infection Transmission

The facility is testing a real-time location system to track hand-washing, the cleaning of equipment and the visits to patients by personnel.

Taiwan Uses RFID to Combat SARS

Officials stand ready to deploy RFID at all hospitals to control any major recurrence of severe acute respiratory syndrome.

RFID: the Emerging Technology to Contain Future SARS Outbreaks

In an innovative effort to contain potential epidemic outbreaks of SARS, the Center for Aerospace and Systems Technology carried out a project for Ton Yen General Hospital called Hospital Contact History and Monitoring System.

I hope to see you at RFID Journal LIVE! 2020.

Mark Roberti
Founder & Editor
RFID Journal


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