How Can I Resolve a Problem I’m Having With RFID Transponders?


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RobotGuy Tinku asked 2 years ago

I'm an application programmer mainly programming industrial robots. We currently have a problem reading and writing RFID transponders from  Balluff for CNC tools. From Baluff, we need a data coupler (a read-write device), a processing unit by which the data would be sent to the main controller or PC, and a small HMI to visualize things. I would like to program it with a basic GUI to read and write using Raspberry Pi, which is far lower in price than a PLC. Any ideas for hardware equipment or suggestions? How should I proceed?


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I reached out to Balluff to get an answer to your question. The company says there are several ways it can provide a solution for you, but the company needs more details about the type of system, the communication protocols and the methods of data-handling you wish to use. "We have an extensive worldwide technical assistance network that can provide a solution," the company says. "Please contact us at or call (800) 543-8390 in the United States, and we can help you determine the best way to create a solution."

Mark Roberti
Founder and Editor
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